Students' VOICE

City College of San Francisco

Dean: Gary Tom

ESL Chair: Sharon Seymour

TS Chair: Jane Sneed

TRC Support: Tuyet Tran

Project Director: Maria Rosales (TS, MS)






















Who is behind Project VOICE?

Project VOICE teachers come from five different campuses and from the ESL and Transitional Studies departments of City College of San Francisco (

Transitional Studies Department (TSD) is a non-college credit foundation skills department that offers a variety of classes for students who want to prepare for college credit classes, upgrade skills, and/or obtain an Adult High School or GED diploma. Form more information visit

The ESL Department (non-credit component) is designed to help immigrant students develop their general ability to listen, speak, read, and write English. For more information visit

Steering Committee

Kate Gougoutas (TS, JA)

Lawrence Edwardson (ESL, MS)

Rick Kappra (ESL, MS)

Core Team

Barbara Kastner (ESL, DTN)

Debra Liu (ESL, CNB)

Denise Selleck (ESL, Alemany)

Eve Tarquino (ESL, MS)

Morris Bibliowicz (ESL,DTN)

Pablo Rodriguez (TSD, MS)

Suzanne Hovanesian (ESL,Citizenship,MS)

Contributing Instructors

Anne Whiteside (ESL, MS)

Angelita Nalty (ESL, CNB)

Barbara Kastner (ESL, DTN)

Barbara Shaw (ESL, MS)

Carolyn Cox (ESL, MS)

Charles Belbin (ESL, CNB)

Christa Lewis (ESL, DTN)

David Lewis (ESL, MS)

Denise McCarthy (ESL, MS)

Ed Murray (ESL, MS)

Julie Thomas (ESL, MS)

Paul Van Stern (ESL, MS)

Robert Neumann (ESL, CNB)

Priya Kailath(ESL, MS)

Rene Ayala (TS, MS)

Sharyn Zoll (TS, JA)

Sofia Manukova (ESL, CNB)

Vivian Ikeda (ESL, Alemany)

Multimedia Developer

Marcia Campos (TS, JA)

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