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Welcome to San Francisco - a Guide for

New People - Spring 2002

Instructor: Denise Selleck

This book was a project of the Spring 2002 Vocational ESL Immersion Program (VIP) CALL Class, an educational program partnership between City College of San Francisco and the San Francisco Department of Human Services. The students in this class were in low-and high-beginning ESL levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. They conceived, wrote, typed and designed the layout of this book themselves.


Ideally each section of this book should have the following sections: warm-up, research, compiling, writing, typing, and a follow-up. Below there is a sample of how the students created the Our Stories section of this book.

COMPILING: Students interviewed each other with a set of questions I had given them. They wrote the answers on index cards in paragraph form. Student then lined up in alphabetical order with the name of the person they interviewed. I collected the cards.

WRITING: Four students typed up the biographies, each section in alphabetical order. I then saved them on the master disk, combining them into one document.

TYPING: Students got familiar with capitalization and bolding.

FOLLOW UP: Students told the class about the person they interviewed. (This was actually done in the middle of the compiling stage).


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