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The Video Camera as Learning Tool Project - Fall 2001

Instructor: Marcia Campos

Introducing the video camera as a tool to carry out project-based learning classroom activities provides the participating students with a feedback which reinforces what works for them as an individual, as a group and helps them to recognize their stronger skills.


  • Students formed groups of four people and assigned roles to each member of the group (director, cameraperson, talents).
  • Then, they brainstormed on whom they were going to interview (someone famous) and what questions they would ask.
  • Later, they were shown how to operate the camera and shoot a video.
  • Students began practicing with the video camera and the interviews simultaneously (all the members).
  • Later, the teacher made the arrangements to shoot the video. The important part of this activity was that each student had his well-defined role in the video activity. At this point, all of the members of each group had to know how to operate the camera.
  • Finally, the students viewed their production together with the teacher and shared experiences and perceptions of the activity.

This activity contituted part of an educational research conducted at TSD, Mission Campus, CCSF. For more information on this research click HERE.


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