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Teacher Resource Manual (TRM)

Compiled by Maria Rosales-Uribe

Desktop Publishing by Marcia Campos

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Table of Contents

Section One: EFF (Overview - Framework - Wheel - Citizen Member Role Map -Worker Role Map - Family Role Map - Content Standards) SCANS (Overview - SCANS Codes - Qualities Employers Look For) PBL (Overview) Service Learning in Action (Overview)

Section Two: Things To Consider (Creating Lesson Plans - Multiple Inteligence Chart) - Reflection & Application (Overview)- Reading Instruction (Language Experience Approach and Adult Learners - SQR3 - Jigsaw II - Timeline Sample)- Critical Thinking & Discusssion (Overview - Venn Diagram -Think/Pair/Share - Four Corners) Writing as a Process (Overview) Integrating Technology (Implementing Video in the Classroom - Storyboard Template)



One of the major goals of Project VOICE was to build a community of teachers that was willing to "test" new methodologies and revive forgotten ones. Many of us are confused with the always-growing list of acronyms: SCANS, EFF, PBL, and so on. With an ever-changing focus in educational circles, we're often left wondering: competency based, critical thinking, school-to-career, contextual learning or technology? What new tricks are out there to teaching reading, vocabulary and writing? As the project director, my task was to go on a hunt and to share my findings with the project teachers who then would transform their classes and encourage other teachers to follow. No easy task! Non-credit teachers plan for their daily lessons, correct papers and deal with open-entry/open-exit every day of the semester.

One solution is to have a reference book where we can find theory, practical suggestions from teachers in the fields, resources and worksheets that can be readily used in the classroom. This is how "TRM (Teacher's Resource Manual): Creating VOICE" came to be.My hope is that this manual will continue to encourage the original project teachers to continue to challenge themselves to create innovative learning environments that empower their students. Moreover, my intention is that this manual be an inspiration to all ESL and Transitional Studies teachers at City College of San Francisco and throughout the community colleges.

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