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Participating in The Cesar Chavez Project-Implementing Video as an End Product of PBL (Project-Based Learning)


Oscar Perez (ESL student)

"My experience with the Cesar Chavez Project was very interesting. Participating in this project allowed me to interact with different people and speak English in real situations. In addition, I learned how to make a video".


Julio Flores

(ESL and ABE/GED student)

"I think that the Mural Project was a good experience because, before we started to paint, every one gave opinions about what we were going to draw and paint. I enjoyed participating in the Mural Project because I love to draw and paint "murales". I'd like to be an art teacher in the future".


Miguel Bustamante

(Oral/Written Communication student)

"I really enjoyed participating in the march. I was excited about taking the video shots of the march walking around catching the Aztec Dancers. I made some new friends and met new people".


Mary Yung (ESL student)

"March twenty-fourth was a very important day for me. Early in the morning, the big sun rose quickly. I was very excited because CCSF students would meet at the foot of Market..." "I was the first one there; no one was familiar to me. However, I spend the time reading a book. In just a few hours many people had arrived. The music started making it cheerful. I was very happy about being there. You can't imagine how many people were there. Everyone lifted their red flags and chanted for Cesar Chavez. We did this from the Embarcadero to Civic Center.

We are in Maria's class; some of my favorite teachers were also there. How wonderful I felt to be with them! I can't believe that I could walk with others who had worked hard for the farm workers. We came to respect Cesar Chavez for the union he started. He was a leader and we should all say, "thank you, Cesar E. Chavez"".

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