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Incorporating Power Point Presentation in the Classroom- July 2002

Instructor: Paul Van Stavern


Steps for Creating a Side Show Named "My Life Story"

By Paul Van Stavern

1. Click on the colored apple; drag down to applications; drag rights and down to MS PowerPoint.

2. Click on a layout with ClipArt (the cartoon of a man's face.) Click OK.

3. Type in the title bar: "My Life Story".

4. (Click on File, drag to Save As. Type "My Life Story; click OK. (Only do this the first day!)

5. Click on Insert and drag to New Slide.

6. Select a layout with clipart and click OK.

7. Type "My Childhood" in the title bar. DO NOT "SAVE AS"! Why?

8. All seven slides are inside one document. Now repeat steps 5, 6, and 7. The difference is a new title for each slide. DO NOT "SAVE AS"! Slide 3: My Teens. Slide 4: My First Months in the U.S. Slide 5: My Current Job. Slide 6: My Free Time Activities. Slide 7: My Plans for the Future. Later you can go back and work on each slide. You can see all of the slides at the same time if you are in Slide Sorter View. Double-click any slide to go to Normal View and work on it.

Suggestions: If you want to, you can have more slides in your show. Some students may insert slides about their children or grandchildren, for example.




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