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Hearts Within - May 2002

Instructor: Maria Rosales-Uribe

This book is a collaboration of a class community that has come to respect each other regardless of the cultural differences.

One of the students suggested that a good project would be to put together an informative video on our community. Instead, the class agreed to do a photo essay focusing on the architecture, murals, places of worship, culture, and its people.


  • The class brainstormed on issues to be covered in this project. Some issues that surfaced were homelessness, graffiti, and housing among others.
  • For three hours, the students went in groups canvassing different areas in the Mission District and taking pictures.
  • Twelve rolls and sixty digital prints later, the class divided into different tasks to share and classify the photos.
  • Students formed groups to create three bulletin board displays and this book (Hearts Within).

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