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EUREKA, The Newsletter Project - Fall 2002


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Instructors: Marcia Campos& Maria Rosales

"Intrinsic motivation is facilitated on tasks that learners perceive as interesting and personally relevant and meaningful…"(Greg White, Center for Psychology in Schools and Education, 2002).

Students voice their creativity through EUREKA

By Marcia Campos, ABE/GED Instructor

EUREKA is a monthly newsletter created by the ABE 2073 Oral/Written Communications and an ABE/ GED reading & writing classes at Mission Campus with the collaboration of some ESL classes.

With EURAKA, Students have found an effective and motivating way to share with their community their work of creativity, insightful thinking, concerns, and curiosity. This ambitious project intends to promote in our community a love of reading and model to others that writing is possible regardless language barrier and educational level. The first issue (September) presents a poetry section which reflex on September 11; a section of original short stories and fables; and last but not least, a section with reflections and history of students' names.

EUREKA is available on the first floor by the Admission and Enrollment office at Mission Campus. If you want us to send you a copy or you would like to know more about this project, please contact Maria Rosales at or Marcia Campos at

Letter from the Student Editor

By F.B.(ABE 2073 Oral/Written Communications student)

We come from all around the world. Our Names are Fatu, Alexi, Ariel, Orlando, Libo, Eduardo, Evelyn, Martin, Mary, Maria, etc … and we come from Africa, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, China, El Salvador, Europe… but today we are Americans! This month, we have written for the first time in EUREKA. We are students in Transitional Studies Department and we write in English and Spanish. Among us, there are poets. And this month, they have composed wonderful poems about September 11th.

Libo is from China but we call her "Beautiful wave". This is her name translated into English. Beautiful, isn't it! A lot of us have beautiful names like Fatu and Evelyn, etc… They have written wonderful stories about their names! In October, Eureka continues and like that each month, with new stories, new poetry and prose. Next time, we will share about our community and history on Native Americans. With more pictures… and maybe a cartoon!


Carta del Editor

Por Sonia Campos y Manuel Cornejo (ABE/GED students)

Eureka es un boletín cien por ciento hecho por nosotros los estudiantes de la clase de lectura/escritura del programa GED. En este boletín encontrás expresiones de nuestra creatividad y originalidad. Te recomendamos la sección de fábulas porque éstas dejan moralejas que puedes aplicar a tu vida. En la sección de cupido, encontrarás una manera eficaz de enamorar a una chica o chico. En la de poesías, encontrarás una fuente de inspiración. Así podrás ser tú también un poeta e inspirante como a nosotros nos han inspirado otras poesías. En los cuentos cortos, leerás temas aptos para todas las edades.

Con la próxima edición, te seguiremos inspirando con entrevistas a la comunidad y te haremos reír con la sección de chistes que te fascinarán.


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