- Events:
  • American Red Cross Month. Presidential Proclamation for Red Cross Month issued each year for March since 1943. Issued as American Red Cross Month since 1987.
  • Irish-American Heritage Month. Presidential Proclamation called for by House Joint Resolution 401 (PL 103-379).
  • National Women's History Month .A theme kit on Women's History Month for grades 5-12 is available each year from the National Women's History Project. For info: Natl Women's History Project, 7738 Bell Rd, Dept P, Windsor, CA 95492. Phone: (707) 838-6000. Fax: (707) 838-0478. E-mail: Web:
  • 1: Peace Corps Founded: Anniversary (1961) For info: Peace Corps, 1990 K St, Washington, DC 20526. Phone: (800) 424-8580 or (202) 606-3010. Fax: (202) 606-3110. Web:
  • 3:Conserve Water/Detect-a-leak Week. For info: American Leak Detection, 888 Research Dr, Ste 100, Palm Springs, CA 92262. Phone: (800) 755-6697. Fax: (760) 320-1288. E-mail: Web:
  • 4: Adams, John Quincy: Return to Congress Anniversary (1830) John Quincy Adams returned to the House of Representatives to represent the district of Plymouth, MA. He was the first former president to do so and served for eight consecutive terms.
  • 4: Congress: Anniversary of First Meeting Under Constitution (1789) The first Congress met at New York, NY. A quorum was obtained in the House on Apr 1, in the Senate Apr 5 and the first Congress was formally organized Apr 6. Electoral votes were counted, and George Washington was declared president (69 votes) and John Adams vice president (34 votes).
  • 4: Grover Cleveland's Second Presidential Inauguration: Anniversary (1893)
  • 4: Newspaper in Education Week. For info: Mgr Education Programs, Newspaper Assn of America Foundation, 1921 Gallows Rd, Ste 600, Vienna, VA 22182-3900. Phone: (703) 902-1730. E-mail: Web:
  • 5:Crispus Attucks Day: Death Anniversary (1770)
  • 8: First US Income Tax: Anniversary (1913) The Internal Revenue Service began to levy and collect income taxes.
  • 8:Russia: International Women's Day National Holiday.
  • 8: United Nations: International Women's Day. An international day observed by the organizations of the United Nations system. For more info, visit the UN's website for children at
  • 10: US Paper Money Issued: Anniversary (1862). The first paper money was issued in the US on this date. The denominations were $5 (Hamilton), $10 (Lincoln), and $20 (Liberty). They were not legal tender when first issued but became so by an act on Mar 17, 1862.
  • 11: Bureau of Indian Affairs Established: Anniversary (1824). The US War Department created the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • 15: Islamic New Year Islamic Calendar Date: Muharram 1, 1423. The first day of the first month of the Islamic calendar.
  • 16: Black Press Day: 175th Anniversary of the First Black Newspaper (1827). Anniversary of the founding of the first black newspaper in the US, Freedom's Journal, on Varick Street at New York, NY.
  • 17 - 23: National Poison Prevention Week. Presidential Proclamation issued each year for the third week of March since 1962. (PL87-319 of Sept 26, 1961).
  • 18 - 22: National Energy Education Week. To make energy education part of the school curriculum. The week ending on the second to the last Friday in March. For info: Natl Energy Education Development Project, PO Box 2518, Reston, VA 20195. Phone: (800) 875-5029.
  • 20 - 26: Anonymous Giving Week. For info: Janna Krammer, Legacy Institute, 42805 Blackhawk Rd, Harris, MN 55032. Phone: (612) 674-0227. Fax: (612) 674-0228. E-mail:
  • 21: South Africa: Human Rights Day National Holiday. Commemorates the massacre in 1960 at Sharpeville and all those who lost their lives in the struggle for equal rights as citizens of South Africa.
  • 22: Equal Rights Amendment Sent to States for Ratification: 30th Anniversary (1972). ERA Web Page with history, legislative status, links, etc.
  • 23: Liberty Day: Anniversary (1775). Anniversary of Patrick Henry's speech for arming the Virginia militia at St. John's Church, Richmond, VA. "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."
  • 24: Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Anniversary (1989). Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council Web Page (with teaching resources and links)
  • 25 - 31: National Sleep Awareness Week. For info: Natl Sleep Foundation, 1522 K St, NW, Ste 500, Washington, DC 20005. Phone: (888) NSF-SLEEP.
  • 28: Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Accident: Anniversary (1979).
  • 29: "America's Subway" Day: Anniversary (1976). For info: Cheryl Johnson, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, 600 Fifth St NW, Washington, DC 20001. Phone: (202) 962-1051. Fax: (202) 962-2897.
  • 29: Twenty-third Amendment to US Constitution Ratified: Anniversary (1961). District of Columbia residents were given the right to vote in presidential elections under the 23rd Amendment.



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