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The diverse student body of City College of San Francisco grows significantly every year. At present CCSF provides instruction to over 22,000 adults students in noncredit/credit English as a Second Language (ESL); ESL-Citizenship, and Adult Basic Education (ABE) in six campuses and more than fifty community sites scattered throughout the city.


With the ESL-Citizenship Curriculum Grant, CCSF is:

  • Developing curriculum that links the ESL (credit/noncredit), ABE and High school, and Citizenship programs with Civics Education.
  • Developing lesson plans that empower the learner with the skills and knowledge to become well-informed citizens; and promote a common civic culture and the common good.
  • Creating and revising course content that requires the application of civic participation education skills within a contextual framework based on academic knowledge and life experience.
  • Providing the student with the opportunity to become cognizant of the importance to be involved in civic issues and to be able to speak and express their opinions on sensitive and controversial issues within legal allowances.

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