Equality Between Men and Women?

by Mei
In todayís society the position of women is different from the way it was in the past. Women used to be the cooks and housekeepers. They were the only ones responsible for raising the children. Nowadays, a womanís life is different. It is closer to a manís life. Most women work outside of the home, they do jobs that only men used to do, and they can even have positions of power, such as business managers, company directors, and even jobs in high level politics. Most people might think that in the future men and women will be completely equal, but I disagree.

First of all, women and men are different by nature. Men are more aggressive, so they will always try to be on top. Look at any prison in the world, and you will find a much greater number of men than women. Is that because men are bad and women are good? No! Itís because men are more pushy and aggressive, and they are more ready to react to their emotions. In the case of bad men, they commit crimes, but in the case of good men, they are innovative, they change the world, and they are natural leaders. This means there will always be more dominant men in society than women. Women are more nurturing and patient, so they usually find positions in society which match these qualities. No matter how much modern society changes, I canít imagine a female general leading soldiers in battle.

Another reason why complete equality between men and women is impossible is because tradition is still so strong in most societies. It is rare to find a female religious leader, and even more rare to see a female conducting a famous orchestra. It is sad that these positions traditionally belong to men and people donít want to change these traditions. Insurance companies charge lower rates for women because statistics prove that they get into fewer accidents, yet when you see a whole family in a car together, why is the father always in the driverís seat? The answer is tradition. The man still wants to have control because he feels he must be the head of the family just like his father and his grandfather were in the past. When the whole family is watching TV, who holds the remote control in your house?

In conclusion, I feel very fortunate that I was born in todayís world and not in my motherís or grandmotherís generation. Just one generation ago, women had very few choices about what they could do and who they could be. Today, there are laws that protect both men and women from discrimination, and we have more choices than before. However, complete equality between the sexes is very far from todayís world. I doubt that it can ever happen because there are too many factors that will prevent it.