by Radito
I have been pondering over the case of Jason, a friend of mine from back home in the Philippines. I recently heard that he has completely transformed into another person. I knew Jason as a funny and fun-loving guy, and I always assumed that he was gay, but not that he wanted to look different. I am so shocked at the news that Jason has completely transformed into a whole new different person. Well, maybe he felt like there was something missing in him that made him undergo this change. I will never really understand his thinking.

It is interesting that gay people here in America are completely different from gay people in the Philippines. Unlike Jason, they donít (or at least most of them) try to change their physical appearance, unless they go under the knife, meaning they want to change their gender. When I first came to the U.S, I thought that there were no gay people here. It wasnít until I went out with a friend to a night club that I spotted two men kissing. I was really shocked! My friend told me that most gay people in the U.S are masculine. They even have bigger and buffer bodies than heterosexuals.

Unlike here, gay men are feminine in our country. They display their femininity by growing their hair long, wearing womenís shoes, wearing make up, dressing and acting like women, and even trying to change the tone of their voice. Sometimes you canít even recognize who the real women are. Here in the U.S, gay people donít usually try to change their appearance. They dress and act like regular men and they talk in their natural voice. Some gay couples even try to have a real family by adopting kids. So it is no surprise to see two macho men holding hands while walking on the street, or even two men kissing in a night club. They are completely different from the gay people in the Philippines, and I think this is great because it shows that they can be free to be men and be gay at the same time.

In the case of my friend Jason, if he is comfortable and confident the way he is now, then let him be.