Women's Roles

by Izella
I arrived in this country almost 10 years ago, and I have still been learning about the United States culture. Here people work hard and they like sharing their leisure day with their families. Also, I notice most women take men's jobs and they are very professional in many positions. As we know, American people believe everybody has an equal chance and opportunity. I think that's the reason lots of immigrants come to the United States.

In our country, Hong Kong, I rarely saw a woman working in the construction industry in an operator position. I have been employed in my company for 4 years. One day after getting home from work, I saw several women walking out from a construction field. I was surprised when my co-worker told me they work in the company as welders. You know that if a woman works a menial job in our country, I don't think Hong Kong people admit her effort. However, people here value women who are a hard-working. That is why lots of immigrants can survive here.

Also, I see men interested in becoming nurses; nevertheless, it happen less in our county. In my view, a nursing job for men in Hong Kong is not common because we expected that it is fully a woman's job. I remember when my brother was child. My Dad strongly encouraged him to be a doctor. Here, I have met some men who are nurse's assistants. They are happy to work in their positions. So, they take care of patients and treat them like their family. I notice lots of male students get training to become nurses. People's culture and how they grow up really defines their actions.

Another thing I shall tell you, husbands and wives in the United States are definitely equal in many ways. This is my experience from my co-worker and his wife; they have to work and share their wages for utilities, to pay the children's tuition, etc. In Hong Kong, after marrying your husband, you just stay at home and take care of your children. Your husband supports the whole family. You might say that wives here have a very hard life because they don't hire anyone to help, and they don't depend on their mother-in-law. I think a part of the American culture, called individualism, really makes people here strong.