Not War! Please!

by Vincent
In my view, the meaning of the word "War" is the failure of love and victory of animal instinct. War always lowers the value of human beings by showing we aren't much different from animals that fight for food, sex and anger. Every war has horrible effects on societies. Therefore, I don't agree with the US response of waging war against Afghanistan because of the 9-11 tragedy. The war in Afghanistan can cause many casualties on both sides and can have bad financial effects on the US. Moreover, I think there are many long-term ways to protect this country from terrorists. I think waging war is just an immediate response for the US to save face before the world.

Bombing Afghanistan is like throwing stones into a crowded room without knowing who will get hurt. Although authorities say that they have satellite photos of suspect terrorist camps, they can't say for sure that there are only terrorists living there. Therefore, they may bomb the wrong targets, and then they will accidentally kill many civilians. If the US armed forces go into the country, both sides will have many casualties. If the war against Afghanistan spreads through other countries, the US will be recorded in history books as the country that started the third world war. And, war doesnít come without cost.

Imagine the cost of one Tomahawk missile - five hundred thousand dollars - and it is just the cost of one missile. Imagine how many bombs, missiles and planes are needed to attack a country that is the size of Texas. Shouldn't the US government use that money to help third world countries or strengthen its own economy? Even before the 9-11 tragedy, the US was facing an economic downturn, and the 9-ll tragedy has made it worse. For example, the airline and travel businesses have been especially hard-hit - people are afraid to travel by air. This war will likely take a long time to end, as it will take time to catch all the terrorists and to remove the Taliban regime. The longer it lasts, the weaker the economy of the US will be. Therefore, this war has good effects on neither the US nor Afghanistan. And, if the reason for waging war is to attack the terrorists, the US government is doing it in a totally wrong way.

As everybody knows, the terrorists that caused the 9-11 tragedy didnít come out from nowhere. They planned carefully, had strong connections and are spread all over the world. To eliminate that kind of terrorist organization by bombing Afghanistan seems shortsighted. Just as the terrorists needed time to plan this kind of attack, the US will also need time to eliminate the terrorists. The terrorists are not a problem that can be solved in a short time. It will take time and a huge amount of cooperation between US and foreign intelligence agencies. How can a country protect its people without having unity between its own agencies? It is especially necessary to have cooperation in order to capture the terrorists who are self-motivated and cannot be bought with money to give information. Therefore, US intelligence will need more complicated methods to solve the problem.

After all, Iíd like to say that the world is like a small village; I assume that people around the world are my neighbors in the village called Earth. Not wanting to see other people, my neighbors, die in the war, I strongly oppose the war of the US government against Afghanistan.