No, Don't Jump!

by Oscar
An unusual situation happened to me last Tuesday. I was walking down the street at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon in downtown San Francisco when I saw a few people watching the top of a building. In the beginning, I didn’t give any importance to them. I thought that maybe they were just watching the flight of some birds or something irrelevant, but as I was approaching the entrance of the BART station my sight and my way were blocked by numerous persons who had stopped walking just to look up, toward the same building. Some of them took their cell phones out of the pockets and started to point them up to the building. It was then that I decided to stop walking and look up to satisfy my curiosity. Some of the spectators, while looking upward with a smile, were whispering words I barely could understand , but by the brightness of their eyes, I figured it should be something that caused them some kind of satisfaction. Imitating their smiles on my face and willing to share the same expectant joy, I lifted my face up and surprisingly, I saw a man on the top of the building who was obviously intending to commit suicide. A few young guys were yelling, “Jump! Jump!” And a couple were expressing their disgust for the waste of time. They thought he wouldn’t jump.

Immediately afterwards, I thought about the sinister and morbid feelings that reside inside every one of us, but I couldn’t condemn this behavior. There exist moral principles because injustice, discrimination and, disrespect exist. Probably they are different sides of the same coin, and they need one another to make sense. Justice exists because injustice still persists, and this anecdote made me think how necessary it is to face something we consider as incorrect to reaffirm our principles.