Dealing with Difficult People

by Patty
In school, I always discussed humanity and tried to make formulas for dealing with certain kinds of people. Since we were studying engineering, we believed that everything in the world would have a formula for the best solution as we used many times to explain many engineering terms. Now I have one for you dealing with a difficult co-worker. My friend has a co-worker who is much older than she is. He works in the same position with her. The boss appreciates my friendís work. She also has better skills and personality. However, it seems like the more the boss praises her, the more that c0-worker hates her. He boasts that he knows every thing, but he fails at everything in his life. He disagrees with my friend, but copies her ideas. He tries to set her back so that she wonít get any compliments from the boss. She is under pressure, which makes her feel disheartened with her job. She wants to give in and change her job, but then she will be the loser. What should she do in this case?

This is my analysis:

I think the co-worker has a big ego and thinks that he knows everything, but why has he failed at everything in his life? In general, people have a bigger ego when they get older. Therefore, itís better to be in a high position when you are old in order to use your power to control the younger workers; otherwise, you donít deserve to be so egotistical. The way he copied her ideas makes me feel that he knows nothing; he is not really professional as he said. Also, he tried to set her back because he was jealous of her. Moreover, he feels stressed because the boss always complains about him; therefore, he doesnít want to hear that anyone is better.

This is my solution to deal with this kind of person.
  • We cannot change other people, but we can adjust ourselves to live with them.
  • Patience can manage any problem.
  • When he copies your idea, it means you are a teacher. You taught him to do it. You must have talent. Thatís why people want to be like you.
  • People who are jealous of you hurt themselves. If you are smart, you will be able to ignore it; such things cannot hurt you.
  • Newton said action has an equal reaction. When people do bad things to you, they also get bad reactions.
  • If you deserve to be the winner, nothing can prevent you.
  • Do your best every day.
  • Just forget him; you cannot understand everyone in the world.
A problem is a good lesson. I will learn from it, and I wonít be like that. Nobody is perfect. One day I have to be old, I wonít let my ego control me. I have to learn for all of my life. Sometimes, I have to let the younger generation go in front of me. I can accept other people being better.