A World Without Religion

by Kamel
I think the world would be better without religions. When looking back through history and current events, I notice that religion has only brought hatred, racism, discrimination, abuse and misunderstanding against other civilizations, countries and individuals. You wonder why people need religion these days and why they continue belonging to religions that protect child molesters or preach killing of others because they are from a different faith. Its hard to understand this phenomenon, but I think ignorance and lack of education is an essential fact in mind control.

The solution to this historical dilemma is to spend more on providing quality education and ensuring that every body on earth has access to education and decent social support while attending school. I believe the plan of making education and other related basic human rights like healthcare and dignity is possible if a little portion of the money spent on wars and developing weapons is spent on liberating humans from ignorance. Last year, global spending on arms was around 1.47 trillion dollars. This is insanity. We are all the same species. What are we doing to each other?

Meanwhile, the opportunistic religious elite all over the world are enjoying having a big market of ignorant customers who are willing to pay a fee when entering a place of worship to listen, for instance, to a child molester preaching about honesty and morals and what people should or should not do. It seems that technological and cultural advances mean nothing. Human civilization is utterly brainwashed..

In the end, I believe that school is the only place that can liberate the mind and take us to places weve never been and help us to see all of humanity as our equals regardless of their history, traditions or faith. Were all on this ship together!