American Diversity

by Elvira
A lot of things have changed in my life since I came to live in America, including my points of view. I think I have become more tolerant than I used to be with other people, their values and traditions. The reason for that is the diversity of the American population. People in Russia cannot even imagine how many different people live in this country!

I don't generalize about Americans anymore because it's hard to identify who real Americans are: some old Chinese lady who grew up in the US and still can't say a single word in English or a hopeless gangster somewhere in a ghetto who never went school but proudly claims that he is American? I can bring thousands of examples, but that's another topic…

You know, when you look at a map, you see so many countries and there is no chance that you will ever visit them all, but here in America it's possible at least to meet people who came from those countries, which makes me feel that I have already been to their countries. This is the best part of living in the US, I think.

Looking back to my point of view when I used to live in Russia, I realize how narrow it was. We were used to living around people of the same race with the same customs and behavioral patterns, which made us think that people from other countries are different in a bad way. I remember how I used look at Chinese or Caucasian immigrants in Russia with a feeling of superiority. It's such a shame! I've totally changed! Now I respect people from other countries; besides, I am interested in knowing their culture and traditions, and I realize that they have a lot to teach me.