Why Do People Look Down on Each Other?

by Michaela
In these days a lot of people talk about tolerance and equal rights. The fact is that most people look down on each other because of their occupation, education, appearance, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, color of one's skin and a lot more. There's discrimination, suppression and racism all over the world. I think a lot of misunderstanding rises up because of prejudice, not knowing other cultures, religions and maybe many people are afraid of that and so they act in a hostile manner.

It makes me sad and furious at the same time that mankind hasn't learned from all wars, violence and injustice that happened in the last centuries. The people act in that way, they ever did, they waste all their energy fighting against each other. But I don't want to generalize. On the other hand, there are also many people/unions and groups who work hard for tolerance, respect and equal rights and against hostility and prejudice.

With the growing/developing globalization, mankind should be aware that all the different nations and countries only could live in peace when they learn to accept and respect the variety of their cultures, religions, backgrounds and history. I think it depends on each of us to contribute to this process.

by Herman

The economic and political situation in certain countries, especially those of the 3rd world have created an intense migration to the well-developed countries such as the U.S., seeking a better life. This migration of different people with different languages, culture, customs, etc, has been the reason of a daily growing of cities with an incredible mix of cultures and customs.

This situation makes living in the communities very difficult. The language is a barrier between two different cultures. Communication is the base of the harmony among the members in the community, even in a community where all the members talk the same language there are a lot of problems and misunderstanding.

Despite this facts I consider that many of the problems of descrimination are created becouse of the lack of education. Respect is the key between people with different points of view, customs, languages, etc., respect allows the people to understand other people not because of their skin color, language or culture, but becouse they are human beings with necessities, problems, etc.

Respect is something that has to be learned, it has to be taught in the schools, in the normal life, on the streets, at home and at work. The problems we are facing, are problems of education and it is responsibility of all the members of the community to take responsibility of this problems and try to solve them as a community finding the way to get more education for everyone.