What is Tolerance?

by Rocio
To be conscious that you aren't the only person in the world.

When I think about this concept, words like patience, respect, equality, differences, will, knowledge, education, and culture come to my mind. I think that they are all in the concept Tolerance; they are all indispensable.

Sometimes, people believe that their ideas, customs, behaviors and education are correct and think that all the other people must be equal to them. Sometimes, we believe that we are right. We haven't learned yet to respect the differences between humans.

Modernity directs us to globalization, and I think that that makes us less tolerant. Globalization means to make universal the ideas, customs, behaviors, political and economic model, but in this case the concept of equality abolishes cultural differences, the right to think according to your customs, and the right to practice your culture.

When I think about that, I remember an important man of México called Benito Juárez, who one time said: "El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" ... something like: "The respect for the rights of the other people is peace." I think that this just explains what Tolerance means. If we want our world to be better, we must be tolerant in our relationships between persons, countries and cultures; we must know our differences and accept them with respect and always remember that my freedom finishes where your rights begin.