A Lesson

by Sanae
I was the first daughter and granddaughter of the Suzuki family. My parents were married in 1974, and they really wanted to have a baby. Unfortunately, they didn't get a baby for a year, and my mother had two miscarriages. In 1976, my mother was pregnant, and I was born on March 18, 1977, as one of Suzuki family. Because my father and grandparents were hoping that my mother would have a baby, I was spoiled by them and they treated me like a queen. Therefore, I even expected this treatment from my friends in school, but of course they treated me as one of their friends. I was a very impatient person. However, a certain person made me change my way of thinking.

When I was 14 years old, I loved a boy whose name was Kanehiro. This was my first love, and he changed my way of thinking about everything. He was 17 years old, so to me he seemed like an adult, and I respected him. He also treated me as an adult, so this made me feel really happy and independent.

One day we went shopping because my birthday was coming soon. He told me that I could get whatever I wanted, and I chose a bag that I liked. However, he didn't get it for me. I didn't know why he didn't buy it. We went home without saying anything. I couldn't understand why he didn't talk to me, so I called him and asked why he hadn't talked to me at all. However, he didn't say anything, and we hung up the phone.

A month later, I encountered him on the train on my way to school. He smiled at me, and said "Good morning". Then he asked me, "What is the meaning of money?" I couldn't answer his question, and we were quiet again. When we reached the station, he asked me to come to his house after school. I was thinking about his question the whole day, but I couldn't find a good answer. After school, I went to his house, but he was not home yet. Therefore, his mother asked me to go to his room, and I went up. I was looking around his room, and I found his diary on the desk. I wanted to look inside it, but my angel's mind told me that I shouldn't see it. However, my angel's mind lost to my devil's mind, so I looked in it.

This diary told about our relationship, his friends and part-time job. He wrote about us every day. I read every single page, and I found that day when we had gone shopping to get my birthday present. He wrote that there is a big gap in class between my family and his. I couldn't get his meaning and continued reading it. He wrote that he was working at a part-time job almost every day because of me and my birthday present, but he still didn't have enough money to buy it. I was surprised and blamed myself because I knew he didn't have a father, and he was not from a rich family, but I had still told him what I wanted him to give me. I felt so guilty!

It was eight o'clock, but he still didn't come back home. After 30 minutes, he came back home, and he went up to his room with his bags. He said "Happy Birthday and forgive me for getting you a late birthday present." I was confused and torn. He said "Open it", but I still panicked. He opened the present for me. It was the bag that I had told him to get for my birthday.

In conclusion, since keeping company with Kanehiro, I learned about empathy between people. People are not material objects. Before I knew Kanehiro, I was treating people as just sources of advantage. I was very stupid and my heart was dying, but he helped me to feel empathy for the first time. I have to thank him from the bottom of my heart.