Students with Disabilities

by Maria
I have observed an interesting attitude toward people with disabilities in American society. Compared to Ukraine, where a disabled person can hardly survive, in the United States everyone accommodates people with different kinds of disabilities. The US government provides normal, humane treatment to invalids, helping them not only to exist, but to be a healthy part of the society. I think itís amazing how everything is organized for people with disabilities in the educational field, particularly at City College of San Francisco, where I study now.

In the educational institutions, particularly at CCSF, everything is accessible to wheelchairs. When I entered CCSF last semester, I was very impressed to see huge numbers of special paths for people in wheelchairs so that they can use them to go from one building to another. Even special slopes exist to help them slide off the sidewalks with no harm or discomfort. Also, every building in CCSF has an elevator that makes it possible for a disabled person to go upstairs and downstairs. Even all the restrooms are built to accommodate people in wheelchairs. City College also provides all different kinds of classes for deaf-mute and people with other disabilities. Almost every classroom has reserved front seats for people in wheelchairs that must be yielded at a reserved time specified on the desk. Deaf and blind people also have an opportunity to take some classes at CCSF. My uncle took a photography class three semesters ago and he was very surprised to see a deaf student there with two translators that periodically switched places. That is just amazing! It was unbelievable for him and for me when I heard the story!

The US government has done a lot to provide the same opportunities for disabled people in the field of education. Everything is created to help people to feel that they are not dependent, but healthy parts of the society. I wish Ukraine followed the US example to provide the same opportunities for people with disabilities. Everything has already been designed by the US; Ukraine should just follow the example.