Giving a hand to the Disabled

by Vivian
Iíve been thinking a lot about the difference in disabled people's lives in the USA and in China. I never imagined that disabled people could go to school to get an education and have a regular job. The sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? It's not a fancy thought. It happens in the USA every day.

In China, people always treat disabled people differently. You don't see students who are disabled going to school with normal kids. Also, you don't come across too many special schools for these people. Disabled people in China usually don't get a chance to learn how to be independent. Most of them stay at home and let their parents take care of them. Because they don't have special training, it's very difficult for them to go out and see the world. These people usually get a limited education from their parents and maybe learn how to take care of themselves in their daily life. In the U.S., I have seen a lot of people with disabilities taking buses, going to school, eating out and going using public restrooms by themselves. They might look different from regular people, but they seem to be doing pretty well in basic daily life. Some of them even go to the same school as me to get their education. Schools usually give well-trained special assistants for these special-needs people. The parents can have some break from their kids, and more importantly, the government helps them to train their kids for real careers.

I canít imagine seeing a disabled person working at a retail store in China! I lived in China for 30 years and I never saw that. In China these people are treated differently. Chinese society doesn't accept disabled people, so of course, it's hard to see these people working anywhere. In fact, you donít even see them on the street. In the USA, I have seen a lot of disabled people working in different fields. I think these people work harder than normal people from my experience. I was served by a disabled guy when I shopped at Safeway. He seemed very quick and provided very good customer service. When he had time, he would organize the stock and make a better appearance for the products. All the other employees were talking or standing there when it was not too busy.

America is famous for fairness. Americans use their actions to show everybody that they are do what they believe in. They give everyone an equal chance for an education and jobs. China is speedily developing right now. The country is becoming stronger and stronger; however, on the negative side, there are still a lot of things that need to improve in order for China to become a strong country in the real sense. I look forward to those changes. I hope I never have a disability in my family, but if it happens, I want to know that I am living in a place with enough love and caring to help even the weakest people.