by Jingwei
Since communication and transportation have been developing quickly, and because of immigration and traveling, people bring different cultures to different countries or regions. In other words, our societies are multicultural. I, as an immigrant, think that immigrants should assimilate into a new culture and preserve their old culture at the same time.

When immigrants arrive in the United States, they will be exposed to the American culture and many other cultures. To assimilate into the American society, immigrants have to assimilate into the American culture and the other cultures which exist in American society. If they don't do so, they will be isolated from the mainstream, and they also will separate into many groups which belong to their own cultures. Generally speaking, one race has one culture. Usually, people who belong to different cultures have different ways to do things and solve problems. If people don't understand cultures other than their own, they may not understand what other people are doing or why they do in different ways. That's the misunderstanding between races. Conflicts emerge. Therefore, immigrants' assimilation into new cultures is very important to the society.

On the other hand, American society is multicultural. I think immigrants should preserve their old culture while they're assimilating into new cultures. Multiculturalism makes our society diverse. If immigrants preserve their cultures they can add new cultures to our society and make it more interesting. Also, if immigrants preserve their own cultures, their offspring could learn their old cultures from their parents and grandparents so that the old cultures won't disappear.

Immigrants need time to overcome difficulties when they are assimilating into new cultures. No matter how long and hard it is, immigrants have to assimilate into the new cultures if they want to live in the United States. Meanwhile, they preserve their old cultures so that they can retain their form of living and add new cultures to the society. Neither assimilation nor preservation alone is the best way for immigrants to live in a new country. We need to understand other cultures, because there's not only one culture in the world.