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Teachers: concepts, lesson plans and ideasStudents: information, activities and projects Teaching Tolerance - The foremost tolerance website with lesson plans, articles, ideas and links Teaching Kits Teaching Tolerance - lesson units designed for K-12 and ESL
Diversity Web an interactive resource hub for higher education: articles, research topics and current issues
Abilene Christian University Cultural Diversity in the Classroom: articles and links about cultural sensitivity and inclusive teaching
Museum of Tolerance lots of useful lessons on diversity and media literacy from the Simon Wiesenthal Museum (in pdf format)
Southern Poverty Law Center an excellent resource with a wealth of educational information, materials, and more
Southern Poverty Law Center the SPL Center's Teaching Tolerance page: promoting diversity and equity in education
Constitutional Rights Foundation lessons on the Bill of Rights and Black history month
Multicultural Pavillion multicultural education links, handouts, quizzes, lesson plans and more
Cornell University CIRTL Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning: a self-guided workshop on achieving equality in the classroom
UNESCO pen pals Unesco's Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections: get international penpals for your students
University of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching: an insightful and detailed article on creating inclusive college classrooms
UC Berkeley guidelines for dealing successfully with diversity in the classroom
Center for Effective
Collaboration and Practice
achieving cutural competence: understand and upgrade your cultural I.Q. Test yourself for hidden bias: understanding prejudice through introspection
Peacecorps Worldwise schools: lesson plans that focus on diversity
Racebridges Bridging the Racial Divide: personal stories and lesson plans
Peacecorps Worldwise schools: international stories with multicultural themes
Amnesty International Amnesty International's Human Rights Education site
Powell's Books a book store with excellent multicultural education resources
Colorlines communities of color in politics and in the news
Media Awareness Network detecting stereotypes in the media and improving media literacy
United Nations - Women's Empowerment focusing on gender equality as a human right
US Civil Rights History Page Civil Rights resources and links for ESL students
Seattle Times Dr. Martin Luther King and the history of the Civil Rights Movement in America
The Smithsonian photos and first-hand accounts of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII
PBS on Race
online companion to the PBS documentary: Race - The Power of an Illusion
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act: laws and links all of the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and their stories
UC Santa Barbara a comprehensive directory of gender studies resources a comprehensive directory of Native American resources how young people can get involved in projects and causes to change the world
Facing Choosing to Participate: ideas for combating prejudice and nurturing democracy in your community
Beyond What you can do about violence, destructive conflict, failed systems of governance, and injustice.
National Park Service Ellis Island Stories: personal stories and photographs of immigrant families that came through Ellis Island Take a virtual interactive tour of Ellis Island find your immigrant ancestors who came through Ellis Island
PBS Global Cafe Global Cafe - a forum for sharing world views
Unesco an interactive atlas of endangered languages
CCSF Gender Diversity Project great resources for students seeking support for their gender identification rights
We Are America Learn about the broken immigration system in the US through video, audia, photo and written essays.
Aricles: inspirational and provocative text, audio and videoOrganizations: institutions, foundations and museums
SPL Center news Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch - hate crimes in the news, updated daily
Womanstats Blog from amusing to shocking, a repository of first-hand accounts of the female experience worldwide.
Economic Policy Insitute "The Other War - Against Intolerance" by Richard Rothstein
Kenan Malik on minority languages: "Let Them Die" by Kenan Malik
National Review "Appearance Discrimination: The New Racism?" by Robert VerBruggen
Christian Science Monitor 50 Years of Integration - "Brown's Promise Yet to Be Fulfilled" by Amanda Paulson
History News Network "Were American Indians the Victims of Genocide?" by Guenter Lewy  
Jim Crow Museum "The Garbage Man: Why I Collect Racist Objects" by David Pilgrim, Curator of the Jim Crow Museum
US Institute of Peace "Religious Nationalism and Human Rights" by David Little
Christian Science Monior "Why tolerance is fading for zero tolerance in schools" by Kris Axtman "It Takes a Man" - an article about rape by Rob Blezard
Mother Jones
"The Loving Story": How an Interracial Couple Changed a Nation by Kate Sheppard
(ABC news report on the Loving case) "We Don't use that Language Anymore" - an article about the power of hateful language by Rob Blezard "Borrowed Dresses" - an intriguing audio story about gender and love by Kristin Collier a detailed chronology of slavery in America
American Pictures a powerful and disturbing slide show on poverty and opression in America
PBS: Unnatural Causes Unnatural Causes: a PBS documentary on race, poverty and health care inequality
Center for Educational Telecommunications an engaging and stimulating interview with San Francisco filmmaker Loni Ding on her life and work with minority communities
SF Weekly "Wounded Pride" - Life is difficult for a transgender immigrant teenager... even in San Francisco.
Hufington Post "Remembering Vincent Chin: Pete Hoekstra and Being Asian in America" - a good article to read before viewing the film "Vincent Who?" commemorating the murder of Vincent Chin.
Angel Island Foundation "Immigrant Voices: Alice Gin's Father: the Story of Two Brothers Who Shared the Same Name" - a profile about a daughter who discovers the truth behind her father's secret identity.
Religious "Discourse on Religion": a powerful essay from Nahid Sewell's book, The Ruby Tear Catcher, an Iranian Woman's Story of Intolerance
Braille Without Borders "A German Voyager": a fascinating article on the work of Sabriye Tenberken
My Immigration True, moving stories from the mouths of immigrants from all over the world and from all walks of life
The PBH Network The Westboro Defectors Speak: an article about two women who defected and were excammunicated from their grandfather's extremist Baptist church
National Multicultural Institute working toward an inclusive society empowered by its diversity
The Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence helping communities develop resources and skills to achieve a nonviolent and just world.
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: advocating political, educational, social and economic equality of minorities in the US
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union: defending and preserving constitutional rights and liberties
National Association for Ethnic Studies promoting activities and research in the field of ethnic studies
Amnesty International campaigning to end grave abuses of human rights all over the world
American-Arab Antidiscrimination Committee a civil rights organization defending the rights of people of Arab descent
Antidefamation League combatting defamation of the Jewish people and working toward justice and fair treatment
Women as Allies bringing women together to create opportunities for education, dialogue and action
Incite a national activist feminist organization to end violence against women of color
PFFLAG Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays: working toward a society that embraces all sexual orientations
GLAAD Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation: working with media to bring culture-changing stories of LGBT people into homes and workplaces
AAPD American Association of People with Disabilities: promoting equality, independence, and civic participation for people with disabilities
US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants serving uprooted people by providing tools for self-sufficiency; working towards and end to human trafficking
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights defending and expanding the rights of all immigrants and refugees
Global Exchange an education and action resource center advancing international human rights toward a just and sustainable world
Human Rights First building respect for human rights and the rule of law to help stem intolerance, tyranny and violence
AIHF American Indian Heritage Foundation: encouraging Indian people to aspire to excellence and providing relief services, while building bridges of understanding
World Unity Inc working towards the elimination of racial, ethnic, gender, religious and cultural prejudices and discrimination
Association of Multiethnic Americans advocacy, education and collaboration on behalf of the multiethnic, multiracial and transracial adoption community
Asian Nation: an information resource for historical, demographic, political, and cultural Asian American issues
Applied Research Center achieving racial justice through media, research and activism
Human Rights Watch defending human rights by focusing internat'l attention to violations and holding oppressors accountable
Museum of Tolerance Simon Wiesenthal Foundation museum, a human rights center dedicated to understanding the Holocaust and ending discrimination
Jim Crow Museum of Racist Artifacts promoting racial tolerance through understanding historical and contemporary expressions of intolerance
US Holocaust Museum national institution to document, study, and interpret Holocaust history
Apartheid Museum virtual exhibits documenting the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa
Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation educating the public and documenting the story and heritage of Pacific Coast immigrants
National Museum of the American Indian first national museum for the preservation and study of Native American cultures
National Civil Rights Museum chroniclings the American civil rights movement and its legacy to inspire human rights efforts globally.
Museum of African American
History and Culture
seeking to preserve the African American legacy and to stimulate dialogue for reconciliation and healing
Museum of the African Diaspora SF community museum celebrating our shared African heritage through the art and history of the Diaspora