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stereoypes racism sexism LGBT issues

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
A Lesson on Stereotypes
Confronting Stereotypes
Triangles are not Bad
Bias and Stereotypes

A Comprehensive unit on Racism
Rosa Parks
Subtle Forms of Racism
Racism in the Family

Women at Work: Beliefs and Behaviors
Violence Against Women
The Status of Women
The Title IX Revolution

Gay or Straight?
This is my family (low level)
Azad's Story
Proud to be a San Franciscan
The Case for Same-Sex Marriage

xenophobia nontraditional families native americans diversity

The Plight of Immigrants
Overcoming Fear of the Disabled
Immigration Stories
Subtle Forms of Racism

This is My Family (low-level)
"The Kid" -- two lessons
Family portraits in Changing Times
What is a Family?

California Indians
A Unit on Native Americans
Indigenous People's Day and Columbus Day
The Indian Removal Policy

Towards a Whole Society
Black History Month
Promoting Classroom Diversity
Measuring Diversity
A Game of Cultural Pusuit

language and power heroes conflict resolution human rights

Speaking Up for Each Other
language and tolerance
the "English Only" movement
Dealing with Dialect
Language Discrimination Info

Mahatma Gandhi
Rosa Parks
Columbus Day
Simon Birch - a video lesson
Sojourner Truth
Sabriye Tenberken
Martin Luther King

Witness -a video materials package
Facing TV violence (low-level, easily adaptable)
Gun Control: Debates and Polls
Exploring the Power of Forgiveness

Survivors of Torture:
a lesson for teachers

Life as a Refugee
The Child Soldier Dilemma
Slavery and What We Buy