Violence against Women

by Jim Janko

NOTE TO TEACHERS: Jim Janko offers this material for advanced discussion. It could also serve well as a writing prompt.

DIRECTIONS FOR STUDENTS: Explain why you agree or disagree with the following statements.
Take brief notes to organize your thinking.

  1. The marjority of men who batter women are frustrated, poor (economically), and unsuccessful in their lives.

  2. There is no typical person who batters. For the most part, men batter women, but women also batter men and other women. Many people who batter have a wonderful, charming side. Battering is by its very nature a hidden thing.

  3. In general, men are taught that they are superior to women.

  4. In most cases,men beat women when they believe it is the only way to maintain their authority. When women try to leave the men who abuse them, the violence often escalates.

  5. Men who abuse women often feel that they themselves are the vicims. If they are unable to control women, if their authority is challenged, they feel that they are the ones being hurt.

  6. Men who abuse women and see themselves as authority figures seldom seek psychological help; seeking help would indicate a weakness in their characters.

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