Rosa Parks

by Venette Cook

Part One: Follow the link, read about Rosa Parks, and find the answers to ten questions below.

Before you read, be sure you understand these vocabulary words.
  • arrest
  • surrender (a seat)
  • Colored people
  • overflowing
  • protest
  • boycott
  • mules
  • terorism
  • harassment
  • mob
  • segregation
  • federal injunction

  1. When was Rosa Parks arrested?
  2. Where was she arrested?
  3. Why was she arrested?
  4. Was she the first person who was arrested for this crime?
  5. What job did Ms Parks have with the NAACP?
  6. Who organized a protest after she was arrested?
  7. What kind of protest did they organize?
  8. What did the white community do during the boycott?
  9. How long did the boycott continue?
  10. How did the boycott end?

Part Two: Rosa Parks Received the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor.

Follow this link to the CNN news report and find out if these statements are true. Explain your anwers.

  1. Rosa Parks received the medal in June 1998.
  2. She received the medal in New York City.
  3. President Bill Clinton gave her the medal.
  4. She was 86 years old when she received the award.
  5. Ms. Parks said the the medal encourages other people to fight for their rights.
  6. Two congressional leaders from Michigan sponsored Ms. Parks for the medal.
  7. There were about 6500 people in the audience.
  8. Some important leaders from the Civil Rights movement attended the ceremony.
  9. Many people receive the Congressional Medal of Honor every year.
  10. George Washington received the first medal

Part Three: Writing. Choose one topic. Write a composition which follows your teacher's intructions for your class. (email, journal, composition for a graded class, etc.)

  1. Many people consider Rosa Parks a leader. What does it mean to be a leader? How are leaders important in our world?

  2. Who has been an important leader in your life? What are three lessons you have learned from this person's life?

  3. How is Rosa Parks similar to an important leader in your country? Write about three points of comparison.

©2000, Venette Cook


The photograph of Rosa Parks is from I chose a biography of Rosa Parks for its readability. Many other sites offer more information on her life and history.

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