The Kid: An Old Movie With an Eternal Message

by Randy Laroche

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Charlie Chaplin was one of the gretest film makers that ever lived. Chaplin was English, not American, but he did most of his work in the United States, especially Hollywood. His career began before the 1920s in urban (city) America, but the story could be from any time. Before we see it, think about the following ideas:

  1. What were people's clothing styles like in the movie"
  2. In what ways was life different then from now: For instance, do we see electricity everywhere, or did people still use other ways of lighting?
  3. Did the neighbors seem to be close friends or strangers?


    EXAMPLE: Before she put the baby in the car, the woman _____________________________________________________. 1) After Charlie picked up the baby, __________________________________. 2) When the robbers heard the baby cry, _______________________________. 3) Before the mother came back to take the baby, _______________________ ________________________________________________________________. 4) After five years,__________________________________________________. 5) After John had broken a few windows,_________________________________. 6) Five years after she's left the baby in the car, 7) When the orphanage workers took John away, Charlie____________________ __________________________________________________________________. 8) After the woman saw the note she had written,_________________________ ___________________________________________________________________. 9) Before the policeman took Charlie to the woman's home,__________________ ___________________________________________________________________. 10) When John saw Charlie again, ________________________________________.

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