The Kid: A Movie with Charlie Chaplin

by Randy Laroche

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This is a very old movie. It's from the year 1921. There is no talking in this movie. There is only music. This is a black and white movie. That means there are no colors on the film because it is so old.

The people in the movie are:
  1. Charlie Chaplin, a poor man
  2. John, an orphan child
  3. a young woman (later an actress)
  4. a policeman
  5. a doctor
  6. many neighbors.


A woman has a baby. She can't keep the baby because she has no husband and no money. She leaves it inside an expensive car in front of a beautiful house. Two robbers steal the car; then they find the baby and put it on the street. Charlie finds the baby. He wants to give the baby to a woman but she won't take it. Then Charlie finds a note from the baby's mother. The note says, "Please love and care for this orphaned child." Charlie names the baby John. Charlie and John live together for five years. One day, the kid's mother comes into the neighborhood. The mother is now a rich and famous actress. She finds John and likes him, but she doesn't know that he's her son. Then John gets sick. Charlie calls a doctor, and the doctor learns that Charlie is not the boy's real father. The police try to take John away to an orphanage (a home for kids with no parents). Charlie saves John. But soon a man quietly takes the boy to the police at night. Charlie goes home, sad and alone. He has a dream. Then a policeman wakes Charlie and takes him to the actress' home.


1) What is an orphan (orphan child)?

2) Is Charlie poor or rich?

3) Are Charlie and John (the kid) happy together?

4) Is John's mother happy to see him again?

5) Does John go to school in the movie?

6) Why do they take John away from Charlie?

7) Does the kid want to go to the orphanage?

8) Is the end of the movie happy or sad?

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