Understanding the Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Essay Assignment

Read all the arguments on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate on the Arguing Equality website

As you read, make notes summarizing each of the arguments on both sides. After considering both views, decide whether you support or oppose the right of gay people to marry. Choose the three most persuasive arguments that support your view. Also choose the one argument on the opposite side that you think is the strongest one that opposes your view.

Write an argumentative essay in your own words following these guidelines:
  1. In the introduction, explain the issue. What does same-sex marriage mean? Why have most same-sex couples historically been denied this right? Why is this issue currently in the news? Be sure your introduction includes a clearly stated thesis.
  2. Organize the body paragraphs so that each one has a topic sentence that reflects the central idea of your supporting arguments. Remember that you must explain each argument in your own words.
  3. One of your body paragraphs should present the opposing argument that you have chosen as the strongest one. Explain this argument, and then refute it using facts and a logical reasoning that reveal the argumentís weaknesses.
  4. Your conclusion should include a brief summary of the main supporting points and a proposal for further action.

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