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Help us grow our site by contributing your lesson plans,
writing prompts, sugestions and ideas.
Here's how:
  1. Don't be shy
    We have talked to many intructors about this project who have modestly proclaimed that they don't have any diversity-related lessons, only to find out that they have GREAT LESSONS on this topic. Send them our way.

  2. Don't be a perfectionist
    Don't feel you need to submit a formal presentation with pedagogical justification. You can contribute anything. Perhaps you have used a lesson from a book. You can just refer our visitors to the book and the lesson. If you want to add a few notes about what you did with that lesson in your class, great! If you want to contribute a lesson, activity or discussion topic that is not in written form, that's O.K., too. Just write a description of the activity. Short story, novel, and film suggestions with discussion topics are also welcome.

  3. Don't infringe on copyright laws
    If you are submitting materials that were created by someone else, ask permission from that person, give credit or simply refer to the book, story, etc. For more information, you can also check The Copyright Website.

  4. Multimedia is OK
    If your lessons include images, audio and video, no problem; we probably have the bandwidth to display them..

  5. Any document format is OK
    Submit your lessons in HTML, plain text, word docs, pdfs, etc. If you need technical assistance, contact Katarina Mijatovic at Ocean Campus

  6. Feel free to contribute student writing, too.
    Student essays, stories or responses on any topic related to diversty are welcome. Colleagues are always interested in reading about students' perspectives and experience. Submit student writing in any format. See our Student Contributions page for examples.