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Software Reviews



Applications for creating online lessons, exercises, quizzes, websites, and others


ABCTeach - Find lots of printable materials. Online resources for educators. - Find photos, sounds, graphics and movie clips to support your lessons. You need to sign in.

Boogle's World ESLWorksheet and Lesson Plans

California Distance Learning Project - Find extensive multimedia resources to support teaching and learning.

CLEAR - Rich Internet Applications - Created by Michigan State University. Leanr how to create storyboard, listening tasks and other interactive language exercises.

Comic Life - Learn how to create comic strips, movie posters, photo albums, cards, ads, and more using photos or drawings.

Discovery'School Puzzlemaker - Create crossword puzzles, word search, mazes and other types of games.

EL Easton English Online - Create crossword puzzles, quizzes, exercises, and find templates to design graphic organizers and certificates.

Elluminate - Find products to create virtual classroom environment.

FlashCard Maker

Footnote - Students can create stories using historic photos and documents.

General Guidelines for Copyright

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Hot Potatoes - a very easy application for creating online quizzes.

InTime - Find instructional online streaming video, projects and more resources for multilingual education integrating technology. Learn how to choose a topic and create a video for your class.


Make a School Web Page

Minisurveys - Learn how to create surveys (free).

Moodle - Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.

Netvibes - Create your personalized website.

PageFlakes - Create personal websites.

PersuadeStar - Provides tools for students to write persuasive essays.

Pixton - Upload pictures and create your own cartoon movie.

Quia - Create quizzes, games, webpages and surveys, and manage students' scores.

QuizStar - Construct online quizzes that can include multimedia.

Quizlet - Make flashcards to help your students learn vocabulary.

Skype - Skype is a little piece of software that allows you to make calls to other Skype users and really cheap calls to ordinary phones (Note: This is a good tool to teach pronunciation or speaking skills).

Script-O Professional - Script-O! Pro is a powerful program allowing users to create customized web-based quizzes and games designed around their own course materials. Quizzes, exercises and activities are created in minutes and are available online to students.

SMILE - For creating online exercises

T.H.E Journal Online - Technology Horizons in Education - Provides coverage as well as in-depth education technology resources.

Tools for Educators - Find templates for games and worksheets.

WebCT at CCSF- Workshops about WebCT, an online course management system (CMS).

Webpaint - another application for creating websites.

Virtual Flashcards





Adult Education and Technology

Adventures in Educational Blogging

BetterEflTeacher - Find tips and ideas on how to improve your teaching skills, motivate your students, and other topics.

Daniela Munca ESL Class Blog - For teaching American Culture.

DigiLang - For teachers who love using technology.

EduBlogs - The "largest" education community on the internet.

English at Work - Find text, videos and vocabulary links.

English Teaching Lab - Find tips in using grammar.

ESL Humor - Jokes for English Language Learners.

ESL, Writing, Technology Blog

Free Technology for Teachers - a review of free technology resources.

Inspiration Lane - An online classroom magazine for teaching ESL and EFL.

PictureBooks in ELT- A blog about picture books. - Blog for ESL learners and educators.

Using VoiceThread- Learn how to use VoiceThread as a collaborative learning space.

Samba EFL Podcast


Tech Savy Educator

TEFL Logue - Find lots of teaching activities and tips.

Tumblr -This is a micro-blogging site, very useful for students.




Citation Formats for Electronic and Print Sources

Utah Valley State College Online Writing Lab - Online Resources for Documenting Electronic Sources

Purdue University Online Writing Lab - Using APA Format

Purdue University Online Writing Lab - Using MLA Format



Calibrated Peer Review (CPR)

Calibrated peer review - This is a web-based program that enables frequent writing assignments even in large classes with limited instructional resources. CPR offers instructors the choice of creating their own writing assignments or using the rapidly expanding assignment library.





Dictionary, library, database


Accounting - a glossary of common terms used in accounting.


AskOxford - Rich online dictionary resource. Find games, grammar and writing tips, and ask expert burning questions.

English-Zone - Dictionary of idioms.

English-Zone - Phrasal verbs.

Free Online Dictionary of Computing


Howjsay - English pronunciation dictionary.

Internet Picture Dictionary

List of Dictionaries (specialized and translation dictionaries)

Merriam-Webster Online

Merriam Webster Online Newsletter - This newsletter is designed exclusively for Merriam-Webster and Merriam-Webster subscribers. Each month's issue will be packed full of language information and feedback from editors, as well as tips for using online service.

Netdictionary - Netdictionary is an alphabetical reference guide to technical, cultural, and humorous terms related to the Internet.

Netlingo - an online dictionary about technology and the interet.

Onelook - Find definition and translations

Project Gutenberg - Find free electronic books.

Project Gutenberg - Audio books.

Roget's Thesaurus

Rong-Chang - Find an extensive list of online dictionary.


Virtual CALL Library - The Virtual CALL Library aims to be a central point of access to the diverse collection of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) software scattered across the Internet and available for downloading. Find German, French, Japanese and other language softwares.

Visual Dictionary

Webopedia - Online dictionary and search engine you need for internet and technology.





Grammar Guides

EnglishGrammar 4U

English Grammar 101

English the Easy Way

Guide to Grammar and Style

Grammar Bites - With exercises and handouts.

Grammar Handbook - This handbook explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage.

Grammar and Style Notes

Grammar Slammer!

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Online English Grammar





Lesson plans, projects and templates - Find small research projects and powerpoint presentations.

BreakingNewsEnglish - Read and listen to news articles with comprehension questions, vocabulary, and other exercises.

Bright Ideas for Teaching ESL

Churchill House School of English Language - Free printable lessons.

Collaborative Projects Integrating Technology

Collaborative Projects on the Internet - by Susan Gaer.

Educators' Reference Desk

Embedded Learning Portal - Find literacy and math lessons.

ESL-library - Find lots of lesson plans. Membership required.

Daily Lesson - By English teachers at the New York Times.


English for Health

English - 4U

English -to-go - Find more than 1,700 "print and teach" lessons.

ESL4Kids - Find lessons, songs, games, rhymes, and more resources.

ESL Action Photos online

ESLBase - Find lots of worksheets. Registration is free.

ESL Desk - Learning English

ESL Desk - Teacher's Resource

ESLFlow - For beginners, pre-intermediate and intermediate.

ESL Flow - intercultural communication

GetWorksheets - For k-12 teachers, members only.

Handoutsonline - Lots of lessons for conversation and grammar building. Membership required.

HeadsUpEnglish - Weekly lessons in three levels, based on news. Find grammar and skill builders activities.

Karin's ESLPartyland

Kodak Lessons - Combines photography with most subjects, including English.

InTime - Learn how to choose a topic and create a video for your class.

Language Arts mini-lessons for K5

Learningline - Find activities about health, employment and basic communication in different levels.

Multicultural, Cross-cultural and Intercultural games

Online Talking Stories

Student Lessons

TEFL CALL students' Web-based challenging projects

UsingEnglish - Find lessons and worksheets.

WebQuests - Find an extensive list of resources, training materials, and online research projects in which students teams use technology to explore and report on their findings.

What's Up? an ESL Magazine Online which shows the writings of ESL students







- Multimedia for recording, editing and sending file sounds

Audacity - Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

Discus - Software to create discussion forums.

ESL-Lab/handouts/#present - Find information about creating listening activities using technology.

Gizmo - Better than Skype because it is free.

Odeo - A creative and free way to record and share audio. You can record audio and then share it with your Odeo contacts, by email, or by placing it in a Channel for all the world to hear.

Praat - Teach pronunciation using Praat software.

PureVoice - Computer software for creating language sound files. Click here to learn how you can teach pronunciation and speaking skills using PureVoice.

Quizlet - Make flashcards to help your students learn vocabulary.

Rubistar - To create rubrics.

Skype - Skype is a little piece of software that allows you to make calls to other Skype users and really cheap calls to ordinary phones (Note: This is a good tool to teach pronunciation or speaking skills).

Sketchcast -It functions as an online "whiteboard" where you can record your explanation and have students play and leave comments.

teAchnology - To create rubrics.

Windows Movie Maker  - for educators.

VoiceThread - You can have group conversations navigating slide shows, files and images.





Multimedia for making cartoon short movies


Cartoons for the Classroom

Comeeko - Create cartoons using your own photos.


DFILM - a visual communication software with which you can create cartoon movies on a website and send them to your friends.

DFILM Moviemaker - a website in which students can create their own mini-movies.

Garfield's Comic Creator

Make Beliefs Comix - Create your own comic strip with animation.

Stripgenerator - Create stories in black and white strips.

Toondoo - Create your own cartoon.

VoiceThread - Students can create stories using uploaded photos

ZimmerTwins - Create cartoon movies to teach ESL.




Online Books and Electronic Texts

Awesomestories - Public domain literature and other texts.

Center on Religion and Democracy, Electronic Text Center

Cornell University Library, Electronic Text Center

Poet. org  - Poetry website with listening clips for intermediate to advanced levels.

University of Arizona, Electronic Text Center

University of Virginia Library,Electronic Text Center





Online Writing Centers and Labs

Capital Community College -a guide for writing research paper.

Education for Sustainability Western Network - Find examples of syllabi.

George Mason University

INK -A Free, Multiplayer, Online Game for Writing & Community

Missouri Online Writery


Purdue Online Writing Lab

Rensselaer Program in Communication and Rhetoric

The Online Writing Lab of Roane State Community College

Penn State Undergraduate Writing Center Handbook - for peer tutors in writing

PersuadeStar - Provides tools for students to write persuasive essays.

University of Maine Writing Center

University of Richmond

University of Texas, Austin

St.Cloud State University

Wisconsin Writing Lab

Writing Center (University of North Carolina) - Find lots of handouts and explanations.






ABC News

From Barbara Dieu

Barcelona Young Learners Podcasts - Blog format that offers downloadable and podcast audio resources using topics, such as dating, witches, ghost stories, and accidents.

Bob and Rob Show - Created by an American and British pair. Find a a range of resources related to grammar and structure, as well as thematic concerns of a topical nature, such as the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Business English Podcast

China123 - Created by ESL instructors in Canada.

CNN - Audio and video.

By Diane Wallis

ELT Podcasting Wiki - This wiki contains resources for educators interested in podcasting and language learning and teaching.

ELT Podcasting - ELT Podcast is the home of several podcasts for learners and teachers of English as a second or foreign language.

English Idioms and Slangs

ESL and Achie Comics

ESL Business News

ESL Listening/Podcasts - a collection of podcasts for ESL learners.

ESL Podcasts created by teachers in Canada

ESL Podcasts ( - Listen to updated podcasts

Flo-Joe Radio - This site provides an online service for ESL teachers and students preparing for Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), and Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE).

History Podcasts

How to Build a Video Podcast in 3 Steps

Japancasting - Hosted by WebMatrix, Japancasting is for students who study Japanese or English. Find broadcasts on themes, such as Japanese culture, history and society, with interviews from students and professors at a Japanese university.


Madrid Young Learners Podcast - This site uses the same blog/discussion board format as the Barcelona group, with the same target audience evident in the topics, such as song lyrics, Elvis Presley, finding your ancestors, walking in the Himalayas, running a marathon and poetry.


Phonetic Podcast - Produced by a non-native speaker of English who is interested in developing students’ pronunciation skills. Each of the Phonetic Podcasts, which uses native speakers, is five minutes and fifteen seconds in length.

Podcards - Find "free unlimited audio exercises" for download.

Podomatic -  Learn how to create, post and share a podcast.

Podcasting for ELT

Podcasting an English for Professional Purposes Course (.pdf)

Podcasting for the College EFL Curriculum - Listen to or read a presentation given by Steve McCarty.

Poetry and Podcasting

From Steve Gwynne

Weblog portfolios in an IEP





Software Reviews - Find software reviews. You need to sign in.

CALICO Review - Find the latest educational software reviews.

Cutting Edge CALL Demos

Didascalia - Find more reviews of applications for language teaching.

Retrevo - Online clearinghouse that offers reviews and ratings for consumer electronics.

UTechTips - "A wiki of software for educators by educators."





Internet4Classroom - Tutorials about how to use software applications commonly used in K-12 classrooms.

Learning Electric

Lynda - Online training library (online, DVD, CD, and books).

Microsoft Education - Microsoft Education offers lesson plans, tutorials and in-depth Microsoft products.

Teach-nology - Find articles, tutorials and reviews.

Tutorial5 - High quality tutorials for software, hardware and networking, browser tweaks, windows management and Flash.

Virtual Training Courses - Computer software training (online and CD).






Click and Go Video - Find guidelines, projects and more resources.

ESLVideo - Webpage in many languages where you can find video quizzes, lesson plans, and other resources.

MakeInternetTV - Learn the basics of shooting, editing, and publishing online videos.

Make Internet TV Wiki - This is a library of information about publishing video on the internet.

Real English - Find authentic and unique ESL videos of people speaking real English on streets across the globe.

Springdoo - Learn how to send video emails.






Websites for Learners and Teachers - Find free materials and printable handouts.

BrazilBridges - This space is all about sharing our own professional experience as Brazilian educators, teacher trainers and passionate users of Web Tools to enhance English teaching and learning.

Breaking New English - Find lesson plans and podcasting. News articles with warm-ups, comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and more.

California Distance Learning Projects - Find lots of lessons and activities.

Dekita - Dekita advocates participatory uses of Web applications in EFL/ESL teaching, favoring open approaches to language learning in which students are activelly engaged to the public Web. - Find lots of printable activities and articles for educators.

Easy English Times - A world of information for adult learners and teachers. Find activities related to health, citizenship&immigration, workplace and others.

Edtechtalk- A community of educators interested in learning and discussing the uses of technology. The EdTechTalk Channel currently webcasts 6 shows. - Find a variety of lessons (writing, listening, TOEFL, vocabulary, etc). Students can participate in forum and chat areas to post questions or share comments. Instructors can find a resource-rich environment with articles, projects, and other kinds of practical information.

English for All - Free web-based multimedia system for adult learners of English.

English, Baby! - Learners can watch movies, listen to music and take vocabulary quizzes. Dialogues are displayed with key vocabulary hyperlinked. Content is based on American pop culture and updated weekly.

English Interactive

ESLmag - magazine for ESL/EFL educators.

englishmed - Find lessons, and online exercises and games related to the health care field.

ESL Games World - Find interactive games (vocabulary, grammar, reading, etc), powerpoint printable templates, printable board games, and other resources.

ESLGo - Find exercises for beginner to advance level, quizzes and other resources for teachers. Also, English for technology, business, travel, and other categories.

ESL Tower - Find self-grading grammar and pronunciation quizzes.

ESLVideo - Webpage in many languages where you can find video quizzes, lesson plans, and other resources.

Everyday Life Project - from Goodwill Community Foundation.

EverthingESL - Find tips, lessons and articles.

Graded dictations - dictations online.

Hello World English

Internet4Classrooms - Find lots of tutorials for creating webpages, and for using the internet, graphics, moviemaker, word processor, and other technologies.

Internet Activities - Find lots of activities in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

LearnEnglish - Vocabulary exercises for speakers of Spanish, French, Russian and Hebrew.

LearnEnglishFeelGood - Find grammar, vocabulary and video-based exercises. It has interesting vocabulary exercises with the US cities.


Learning Edge - This is a project of the Wellington County Learning Centre in Arthur, Ontario, Canada, in partnership with AlphaPlus/AlphaRoute. The site offers adult life skills content with excellent audio support.

Marshall Adult Education - Free online readings.

Newspaper for Education

Medline Plus - These tutorial interactive health education resources are from the Patient Education Institute. Using animated graphics, each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial.

NonStopEnghlish - Find grammar and vocabulary quizzes for upper intermediate and advanced students.

OpenEnglishWorld - Find everday business conversations, idioms, pronunciation and grammar exercises. Students can also chat in a forum.

ProjectCare - Find exercises with audio and video for intermediate and advanced students who want to "learn about caring for others while improving their communication with medical personne. "

Real English - Learn English through authentic video with "people speaking real English on streets across the globe." Free subscription for students.

StickyBall - Find lots of resources: Printable lessons, idioms, phonics, grammar practice, games, and other activities.

Students Sites from Oxford University Press.

Teaching Business English Online

TeachersFirst -Find a rich collection of lessons, units and webresources.

TeachersTeachingTeachers - A weekly webcast.

Teach-nology - Find over 240,000 reviewed education web sites.

TRP Exercises- Find lots of listening, readng and writing exercises.

TV411 - Lessons and learning activities based on the TV411 television series to help adults improve basic skills.

UsingEnglish - Find articles, lessons, testing, resources, and participate in their forum and chat room. For teachers and students. - Find exercises, tests, listening activities, and games. Sign up for their free monthly English newsletter.




Writing Style and the Writing Process

Advice on Academic Writing

Analytical Writing for Science and Technology

Capital Community College -a guide for writing research paper.

Claremont Colleges Online Writing Resources

Garbl's Fat-Free-Writing Links

Handouts on Writing Across the Curriculum

Handouts on the Writing Process, Assignments and Writing for Specific Fields

Handouts on the Writing Process from the Purdue University Writing Lab

INK -A Free, Multiplayer, Online Game for Writing & Community

Introductions and Thesis Statements (PDF document)

The King's English:

PersuadeStar - Provides tools for students to write persuasive essays.

Pre-Writing - Find examples, definitions and exercises using a number of invention techniques.

Proofreading Your Essay

Strunk, The Elements of Style (1918 edition):

Technical Writing

Writing Argumentative Essays

Writing Paragraphs




Other Resources

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching.

Newspaper for Education

Teach-nology - Find articles, tutorials and reviews.

World Lecture Hall - Free online course materials from around the world.




Instructors' Blogs and Websites (from CCSF and other institutions). Find lesson plans, activities and more useful links

Ana Wu's links

Andrea Uram

Armenuhi Hovhannes

Barbara Dieu

Cora Chen

Daniel O'Connell

Denise Maduli-Williams

Diane Wallis

Eileen Adamian

Janet Fowler

John Robinson:

     - Basic English Grammar

     - Consonants for ESL Students

     - Cool Stuff for ESL Students

     - Dialogue Workout

     - ESL Listening

     - Listen and Read

     - Mission Language Lab

     - New Mission Journal

     - Reading Comprehension

     - Vocabulary and Idioms

     - Vowels for ESL Students

Jon Drinnon

Kurt Robinson

Larry Ferlazzo

Lauri Fried-Lee

Linda O'Roke

Linda Reichman

Lucie Moussu

Margaret Benshoof-Holler

Marsha Chan's presentations

Morris Bibliowicz

Nancy Husari

Nik Peachey

Robert Griffiths

Robert Swift (Click here to view his blog)

Rong-Chang's blog

Steve Gwynne

Susan Gaer

Venette Cook (Click here to view her blog).



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