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Text Book Publishers

The following information is current as of April 2003. If you come across a dead link or invalid name, address or phone number, please inform the webkeeper: Katarina Mijatovic.
Alta Books
website: www.altaesl.com
phone: 650-692-1285 or 800-ALTA-ESL
fax: 650.692.4654 or 800 ALTA-FAX.
e-mail: info@altaesl.com
Bedford, Freeman and Worth (VHPS, includes all St. Martin's titles)
desk copies can be ordered online at: www.bfwpub.com
or contact Dennis F. Adams, Senior Sales Rep.
phone: 415-665-9123
voicemail: 800 470-4767 x547
e-mail: dadams@bfwpub.com
Cambridge University Press
desk copies can be ordered online at: esl.cup.org/explanation.html
or contact Kathleen Corley, Senior ESL Specialist (West)
e-mail: kcorley@cup.org
phone: 877-888-4076 or 800-872-7423
Delta Systems Co. Inc.
website: www.delta-systems.com
e-mail: custsvc@delta-systems.com
phone: 800-323-8270
fax: 800-909-9901
Elsevier Publishing (includes Harcourt Brace | Holt, Rinehart & Winston | Steck & Vaughn)
websites: www.harcourt.com | www.elsevier.com
Heinle (a division of Thomson Publications, includes Wadsworth and Newbury titles)
website: www.heinle.com
Robert Sanchez - robert.sanchez@heinle.com
voice mail: 800-343-5386
desk copies: 877-NEED-ESL
Sally Howard, Heinle & Heinle Sales Rep.
phone: 800-343-5386
company phone: 800-633-3375
email: sally.howard@thomsonlearning.com | sally.howard@heinle.com
Houghtin Mifflin
website: college.hmco.com
Christine Conway, Sales Rep.
phone: 415-753-8524; 617-351-3280
fax: 617-351-1132
company phone: 800-733-1717
email: Christine_Conway@hmco.com or International@hmco.com
Intercultural Press
website: www.interculturalpress.com
phone: 800 370-2665
fax: 207 846-5181
e-mail: books@interculturalpress.com
J.Weston Walch
website: web.walch.com/walchweb/other/page108.html
phone: 800 558-2846
fax: 207 772-3105
JAG Publications
website: www.jagpublications-esl.com
phone & fax: 818-505-9002
e-mail: info@jagpublications-esl.com
website: www.jist.com
phone: 800 648-5478
e-mail: info@jist.com
Linmore Publishing
website: linmore.com
phone: 800 336-3656
fax: 847 382-0409
e-mail: linmorepublishing@linmore.com
McGraw-Hill (includes NTC titles)
website: www.mhhe.com/catalogs/hss/esl/
Kate Schubert
phone: 415-558-8489
company phone: 800-338-3987 (press 3 for desk copies)
email: kate_schubert@mcgraw-hill.com

McGraw-Hill Custom Publishing
Judith Wetherington, Custom Pub. Rep.
phone: 303-740-0017
fax: 303-694-1282
company phone: 800-228-0634 ext.2
email: judith_wetherington@mcgraw-hill.com
Morton Publishing Co.
website: www.morton-pub.com
Bill Ferneau, Sales Rep.
phone: 480-730-7979
fax: 303-762-9923
company phone: 800-348-3777
email: billf@morton-pub.com
New Readers Press (and News For You)
website: www.newreaderspress.com
phone: 800-448-8878
fax: 866 894-2100
Optima Books
website: www.optimabooks.com
phone: 510 848-8708
fax: 800 515-8737
e-mail: optima@mindspring.com
Oxford University Press
Carrie Pepper, Northern California Regional Representative
phone: 919 375-1123 or 888 375-3765
fax:925 935-3747
e-mail: cpepperoxford@earthlink.net
Pearson (includes Addison Wesley | Longman | Prentice Hall Regents | Scott-Foresman ESL | Penguin | Globe Fearon)
website: www.longman.com
Longman English Success: www.englishsuccess.com
Annette Acosta, ESL Specialist
office: 510-533-6568
voice mail: 1-888-877-7824, ext. 9163
email: annette.acosta@pearsoned.com

Pearson Custom Publishing
website: www.pearsoncustom.com
Phil Rudder, Acquisitions Editor
phone: 415-863-2884
cell: 415-637-7752
email: philip.rudder@pearsoncustom.com
Pro Lingua
website: www.ProLinguaAssociates.com
hotline: 800 366-4775
fax: 802 257-5117
e-mail: Info@ProLinguaAssociates.com
website: www.steck-vaughn.com
phone: 800 531-5015
fax: 800-699-9459
TESOL Publications
website: www.tesol.org/pubs/
phone: 888 891-0041
fax: 301-843-0159
e-mail: tesolpubs@tascol.com
Thomson Learning Companies (Heinle & Heinle | Wadsworth | Holt, Rinehart & Winston | Newbury
websites: www.thomsonlearning.com | www.heinle.com
online catalog: www.newtexts.com
search catalog: e-catalog.thomsonlearning.com/150l/
order desk copies online: www.thomsonlearning.com/samples/samp_order.asp
Terri Edwards, Sales Rep.
phone: 510-583-1725
voice mail: 800-876-2350 ext. 7873
company phone: 800-423-0563
email: Terri.Edwards@thomsonlearning.com
or Sally Howard: sally.howard@heinle.com
University of Michigan Press
website: www.press.umich.edu/esl/
order desk copies online: www.press.umich.edu/esl/exam.html
Giles Brown, sales rep.
phone: 734-763-3237
fax: 734-615-1540
email: agbrown@umich.edu
toll free: 866-804-0002
or email esladmin@umich.edu