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Intermediate Low 6 Reading Promotion Test

By:     Carol Dent
Terry Doyle
Jennifer C. Hammer
Judy Olsen
Nadia F. Scholnick

© Copyright 1996 City College of San Francisco

This test contains 32 items. The time needed to complete this test is about 90 minutes (45 minutes of actual test time plus set-up and explanation). Students look at displays in the test booklet, and answer questions on answer sheets. The general directions for this test:

General Directions:

Follow along as your teacher reads the following:
This is a reading test. You will read short passages, and then answer questions about them. The passages and questions are in this test booklet. You will look at the test booklet to find the answer, and then write the answer on your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THIS TEST BOOKLET! We will now go over an example. Put your pencils down. You will not write the answers for the practice items. Take a minute or two and silently read the following:

Now, look at the question:
X1. Why can't the Hendersons go out at night?
a) They will not leave their apartment at night.
b) They are friendly with all of their neighbors.
c) The neighborhood is not safe.
d) They cannot afford to pay the moving costs.
Is the correct answer A, B, C or D? The correct answer is C. This is how you mark your answer sheet:

Let's try another example:
X2. What does fixed income mean?
a) They are rich.
b) They don't like to move.
c) They don't feel safe.
d) They don't make much money.
Is the correct answer A, B, C or D? the correct answer is D.

First, read the passages, then read the questions. Write the answers on the answer sheet. If you have any questions about how to take this test, please ask me now.

When I tell you to begin, turn the page and look at the first passage. Find Number 1 on your answer sheet and get ready to begin the test. You will have 45 minutes to work. Go through all of the questions. If you finish early, you should check your answers, or sit quietly. You may not study, talk, or leave the room until everyone is finished. If you cannot stay until the end of the test time, tell me now and you will be excused.

Remember, do not write in the test booklet.


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