Job Listings: Identifying Personal Qualities

Talk about it
What kind of people do employers want to hire?
What personal qualities have you read in want ads or job listings?
What are some of your personal qualities?

Read about it
Employers often include information about the kind of people they want to hire in job listings. These words and phrases are sometimes called personal qualities.

Sometimes you can find these qualities under Descriptions and Requirements. But some listings show all the information together. So itís a good idea to look in all parts of a listing because personal qualities can be included in different places.

In some listings, you will find many qualities, and in others, you will only find a few or none at all. Here are two examples. The personal qualities are highlighted.

These words are important! You will also need to use them to describe yourself when you write your resume and interview for jobs.

Cashiers Wanted for Potrero Hill Café - Full & Part Time

Really Good Food, a cafe and catering company, seeks cashiers for part time (20-25 hours) and full time (30-40 hours) shifts. Shifts available vary, Monday - Saturday, 8am - 9pm. Restaurant experience is not required, but customer service experience is a must! Must be dependable, friendly and neat.

Lead Cook

Bueno Appetit Company is currently interviewing for a reliable, enthusiastic, and experienced Lead Cook.

The ideal candidate will:
  • have outstanding communication skills (This cook position will deal directly with customers)
  • be reliable and on time
  • have excellent Food Safety & Sanitation skills
  • be organized and able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • read & follow recipes
  • work independently
  • have good personal hygiene and neat
  • have the ability to work well with co-workers and have a positive attitude

Activity A
Read each sentence. Click on the correct verb to complete the sentence.
[Think about the qualities. . . ]

{functionality Ė When students click on the incorrect answer, the incorrect answer jiggles but stays. When they click on the correct answer, the incorrect answer disappears.}

Example: Kerry is / isnít a hard worker. He always does his best and is never lazy on the job.

1. Tanya doesnít mind doing different things at work. She can change easily. She is / isnít adaptable.

2. Lila isnít afraid to make decisions. She works well on a team, but she also works well alone. She is / isnít independent.

3. Roberto is excited about his work. He has a lot of energy at work. He is / isnít enthusiastic.

4. Sean often comes to work late, and he doesnít usually meet his deadlines. He is / isnít reliable.

5. Valerie can never find the things she needs at work. And she doesnít always do the most important work first. She is / isnít organized.

6. Kian enjoys working with people and gets along with everyone. He is / isnít friendly.

7. Emma likes to make decisions. When she sees something that needs to be done at work, she doesnít wait for someone to tell her to do it. She has / doesnít have initiative.

8. Sharon doesnít seem very interested in her work. She doesnít care how well she does her work and doesnít want to improve her skills. She is / isnít self-motivated.

9. Khalil has a plan for his career. He wants to start in an entry-level job and move up in his company. He is / isnít goal-oriented.

10. An Hua is cheerful at work. She is always helpful. She has / doesnít have a good attitude.

11. Abdul often comes to work ten minutes late. He says the bus is never on time. He is / isn't punctual.

12. Rachel is very businesslike with customers. She is courteous and gives them all her attention. She is / isnít professional.

13. Marla lost her job as a bookkeeper. She wasnít careful with the accounting information and often made mistakes. She is / isnít detail-oriented.

14. Sam is usually rude to African American and Asian customers, but he is friendly to other people. He is / isnít sensitive to diverse communities.

15. Alia likes to learn new things, and she catches on very quickly. Her supervisor only has to explain new tasks to her once. She is /isnít a fast learner.

16. Eva isnít shy with clients. She likes to talk to people. She is / isnít outgoing.

17. Cedric enjoys working with other people. He is ready to help his coworkers whenever they need it. He is / isnít a team player.

18. Fanny believes that itís important to work hard and always do her best. She has / doesnít have a strong work ethic.

19. Ben is careless around the workplace. He leaves his tools lying around and often forgets his protective gear. He is / isnít safety-conscious.

20. Zoya can think of new ways to solve problems, and she often has new ideas about how to do her work better. She is / isnít creative.

Activity B
Read the job listings below. Click on the personal qualities.

Room Service Server, Hotel California

Join our Team
If you are a self-starter with a passion for hospitality, weíre looking for you. Similar to the uniqueness of our hotels and restaurants, we look for these qualities in our employees: independent, creative people who enjoy learning new skills and advancing professionally.

The Sir Francis Drake hotel and restaurants is recruiting for Room Service Server.

High school diploma or general education degree required. Minimum 2 years experience required, must be able to work independently and self-motivated. Please note the ideal candidate must be able to work flexible shifts (including weekends and holidays).

answer key

Retail Sales Position Ė Fancy Shoes

If you are passionate about high-end shoes and handbags, this could be the perfect position for you!

We are currently looking for a Sales Associate to join our team. This is not a seasonal position and you will be scheduled to work 32-40 hours per week.

  • Strong work ethic
  • Responsible and dependable
  • Retail sales experience a plus
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Flexible schedule
  • A love for fashion

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