Online Resources for Job Search: An Overview


Have you used the Internet in your job search? If so, which websites have you used? What kind of information did you look for? Was it easy to use the websites? Why or why not?


There are many types of websites that can help you in your job search.
  • Resource guides for job and career information
  • Job banks
  • Job search engines
  • Company websites
Resource Guides for job and career information are general job search engines. At these sites, you can find links to:
  • job search advice
  • articles about writing resumes and letters and suggestions for interviewing
  • sample resumes and letters
  • job banks (job listings)
  • networking resources
  • company websites
  • job fairs, and
  • salary guides.
Here are some good job search resource sites.


Activity A: Scanning for Key Information

Part 1

Scan the Riley Guide homepage, a job search resource guide and answer the questions with your class.
  1. When was this website started? What does this tell you about the site?
  2. Does this site post jobs and resumes?
  3. What heading can you click on to find out more about interviewing?
  4. What heading can you click on to find links to websites with job openings?
  5. What company has advertising on this site?

answer key

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