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general esl


vocabulary - Dave Sperling's world famous ESL Cafe, including the popular "Chat Central" - English Club, a British site with games quizzes and activiites - activiies for ESL Students (An Internet TESL Journal project) - another British site with lots of online materials and quizzes - a free daily 5-minute lesson by e-mail! - E. L. Easton: materials for teaching and learning English - ESL Desk, an excellent site despite the disclaimer - free online grammar resources - self-study grammar quizzes - Grammar Safari, exploring the grammar jungle - Non-Stop English, lots of free interactive quizzes - lots of useful grammar links - grammar, punctuation & spelling handouts from Purdue University - self-study vocabulary quizzes - Vocabulary University, lots of vocabulary building activities - self-study idiom quizzes - The Idiom Connection, idioms and quizzes - Ohio University's ESL vocabulary page - BBC's English in the News - American/British variants



news - Capital Comm. College's Writing Guide, including PowerPoint presentations! - an excellent composition help site for advanced ESL learners - eleven rules of writing, good for advanced levels - links to technical writing sites - 50 commonly misspelled words - Newbury House online - Merriam Webster online - online dictionary - online thesaurus - online encyclopedia - online etymological dictionary - The Library of Congress - SF Chronicle - New YorK Times - CNN - BBC World News - using Time and Newsweek magazines with ESL students - simple news stories with quizzes and outlines

teacher resources

research and documentation

miscellaneous - TESOL - CATESOL - The Internet TESL Journal: lesson plans, articles, handouts and more - free "Hot Potatoes" software for creating online quizzes - help for teachers on using new technologies - Center for Applied Linguistics - ATEG: the assembly for teacheng of English grammar - the official TOEFL site - Venette Cook's SCANS site - a whole collection of ESL scavenger hunts - using the Internet as a resource
- another great web research guide - an MLA style guide - indispensable writing resources: using the web for research - an international index of online newspapers - How Stuff Works - a TOEFL practice site - an index of the best geography sites - ESL Cafe's international pen-pal service - American English pronumciation site

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