EL Civics FAQs

What is EL Civics Civic Participation?
EL Civics Civic Participation is a grant which provides funding to ESL non-credit programs that empower students to participate more actively in the community. The state has approved 45 EL Civics Civic Participation Objectives for funding.

Whom do I contact if I want to teach an EL Civics module?
If you want to know more about teaching a Civic Participation module, contact Holly Stevens: hollyandzach@sbcglobal.net or Kelli Crow: kelcrow@sbcglobal.net.
If you want to know more about Citizenship Preparation, contact Marcia Chan, mchan@ccsf.edu, 415-561-2803.

How long has the CCSF ESL Department participated in EL Civics Civic Participation?
City College of San Francisco has been receiving state funding from the EL (English Literacy) Civics grant for Civic Participation since 2001.

How is EL Civics Civic Participation funding used?
EL Civics funding has helped the CCSF ESL Department pay for staff development, curriculum development and educational equipment and supplies.

What EL Civics Civic Participation lessons are available at CCSF?
Teachers at CCSF have developed special teaching modules for 10 of the 45 state-approved Civic Participation Objectives:
How are EL Civics Civic Participation objectives chosen?
Periodic student interest surveys are conducted at all campuses to find out which objectives are of greatest interest to students in general. Individual teachers also take written or oral surveys of their classes to determine which objectives to teach. Click here to see sample Student Interest Surveys.

Which teachers at which campuses have developed EL Civics modules?
Teachers at all campuses have developed EL Civics modules:
at Alemany Vivian Ikeda, Dean Karay, David Lisker and Curt Sanford
at Chinatown/North Beach Agnes Chan, Tina Chin, Ruth Goode, Sara Jacobson, Sophia Manukova, Shirley Marks, Bob Miller, Marianne Roth, Dorleen Tong and Lee Vogt
at Downtown Big Qu Seeto; at John Adams Vicky Holder
at Mission Denise Jindrich, Rick Kappra, Ann MacAndrew, Ed Murray and Barbara Shaw.

How are teachers compensated for teaching and/or developing materials for EL Civics?
Teachers are paid non-instructional pay for developing and/or teaching Civic Participation modules. Because our funding varies from year to year, compensation may also vary. Contact the EL Civics Civic Participation Facilitator, Sara Jacobson, sjacobso@ccsf.edu, for current rates.

What are the responsibilities of an EL Civics Civic Participation teacher?
EL Civics Civic Participation teachers must

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