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citizenship day celebration
Citizenship Day Celebration
at the John Yehall Chin Auditorium on September 16, 2011

Chinatown/North Beach Campus Celebrates Citizenship Day

By Marcia Chan, ESL/Citizenship Coordinator, Chinatown/ NorthBeach Campus

The Chinatown/North Beach Campus held its annual Citizenship Day Celebration at the John Yehall Chin Auditorium on Friday, September 16, 2011. Of the 118 students who became U.S. citizens this past year, forty-five attended this event. More than 100 current Citizenship and ESL students were on hand to share in the achievement of the new citizens.

Staff and students were honored by the presence of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Supervisory Immigration Officer Liza Agregado, Community Relations Officer Rosemarie Fan, Chancellor Don Griffin, Associate Vice Chancellor Joanne Low, Anita Lee, wife of Mayor Ed Lee, Harriet Ishimoto, Staff Assistant, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Office, and Richard Siu, Coordinator, Asian Immigration Clinic.

Ms. Agregado and Ms. Fan congratulated the new citizens, and encouraged current students to continue to study and wished them success in passing their naturalization tests. Chancellor Griffin extended his congratulations to the new citizens. He urged students to vote and said he looked forward to next year’s celebration at our new campus. Associate Vice Chancellor Joanne Low congratulated the new citizens on their achievement, noting that since 1985, over 4,457 citizenship students from Chinatown North Beach Campus have passed their naturalization tests. Harriet Ishimoto, Staff Assistant to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, also extended her congratulations to the new citizens.

A special guest, Mrs. Anita Lee, on behalf of Mayor Ed Lee, warmly congratulated the students and gave an inspirational speech about her personal experiences as an immigrant from Hong Kong and becoming a naturalized citizen. She encouraged our students to work for the community as Mayor Lee has, and be active citizens - one day their children can become Mayor, too! Two new citizens, Mr. BoJun Chen and Ms. Shun Hwa Wang, students spoke about their personal experiences preparing for the naturalization test and encouraged their classmates to continue to study hard. Last but not least, Chinatown North Beach Campus veteran Citizenship teacher, Tina Chin, reminded students of their right and responsibility as citizens to register to vote. Volunteers provided assistance in filling out voter registration forms on that day. The festive event was followed by a photo session with guests and the new citizens.

Citizenship Day (or Constitution Day) on September 17 commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. Over the past twenty years, the ESL/Citizenship faculty at the Chinatown-North Beach Campus has marked this occasion by acknowledging and extending congratulations to students who have become U.S. citizens within the last school year.

Dear Citizenship and Computer Lab Teachers:

To help students prepare for their naturalization tests, check out these videos on YouTube:

“Strategies for a Successful Citizenship Interview” (also on DVD), Tina Chin, Thomas Lee
These clips show the “Best", "OK", and "Worst” ways to pass/fail a naturalization interview. Different interview topics are covered, i.e. Trips Outside the U.S., Children, Employment, etc.

“Citizenship Mock Interview for Beginning Level Students”, Tina Chin
Each mock interview is a series of questions, similar to those in a naturalization interview.

Please view these documents for Directions:
Reference List, "Strategies for a Successful Citizenship Interview”
Directions and link to YouTube Citizenship Channel 2

We hope these are helpful for your students!

Marcia Chan, Tina Chin, Thomas Lee

If you would like more information, please contact Marcia Chan, marcia.chan@mail.ccsf.edu

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