Local Conference - Popular Education and Immigrant Workforce: Organizing for Language, Literacy and Worker Rights
April 25th and 26th at UC Berkeley International House
This conference will be a unique and exiting gathering The conference is bringing together labor and ESL Educators, community groups, union members and staff who are interested in applying popular education and participatory research to their work with immigrants.
The ESL Department will be able to cover registration and substitutes for faculty interested in attending the conference. (for noncredit teachers only since the 231 Grant is being used to fund attendance) Please contact Denise McCarthy at the TRC (415) 241-2278 for further details regarding reimbursement of registration.
Friday April 25 will include keynote speakers and roundtable panes addressing key conference issues.
Saturday April 26 will present hands-on workshops modeling effective teaching methods and curriculum development approaches to popular education, workers rights education and participatory ESL and literacy instruction
Some of the Presenters and Speakers:
D’Arcy Matin, Elsa Auerback, Gail Weinstein, John Hurst, Sarah Ryan, Nina Wallerstein
Friday April 25 9- 6pm
Saturday April 26 9-2pm
UC Berkeley International House
2299 Piedmont Ave

Fliers have been sent to each campus or contact the website for more information : http://www.iir.berkeley.edu/clre/

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