Local CALPRO Workshop, Friday April 4, 2003
Energize your class as we push through the end of the semester with ideas from this great hands on workshop.
Easy to Make Teaching Materials to Engage Beginning Level ESL Students
Goal- To lean to make a variety of easily make, inexpensive teaching materials for beginning level ESL classes, including material make with students during class. (NO artistic inclination required by teacher or student!!!)
In this workshop you will learn to make:
  1. Materials that provide a focus for leaning new materials(calendar, schedules,& special events)
  2. Objects that can generate questions, (simple clocks with moveable hands)
  3. Projects that teach new vocabulary(Folding paper booklets)
  4. materials that lower the affective filter, build community and encourage students to express preferences and verbalize them to others
Date: Friday April 3, 2003
Time: 1-4pm
Clinton Park
655 International Blvd.
Trainer: Ann Overton
Teacher; Berkeley Adult School, CCSF

Register Online : http://www.calpro-rrc.org or contact Kathleen Jain, (510) 883-5246

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