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Teachers Using Technology in the Classroom

Katarina Mijatovic - English as a Second Language


Article #1 from an ongoing Series

Just about all I know about computer technology was learned at CCSF, starting with self-paced tutorials back in 1987 when I learned DOS and thought I had discovered a new continent. When the TLC (Technology Learning Center) was created, I took every workshop I could fit into my schedule: from graphics to Internet applications to HTML. When I was through taking workshops and had spent enough time playing with what I had learned, I began teaching TLC workshops and developed my own materials for teaching HTML and web design.

Initially, the only obstacle to using online materials in my classes was the fact that not all my students had Internet access. However, since about 1998, I've used more and more online materials to the point where I've taught a hybrid course at the highest ESL level. The online portion of the course consists of a series of 15 labs of increasing difficulty that acquaint the student with resources related to the course work that are available on the Internet and the use of research skills to find and use those materials.

Over the years, my ESL students have put together research papers, multimedia presentations, and literary magazines and shared them online. I'm itching to teach a completely online ESL class in the future.

Also, I'm the "webkeeper" for 4 sites in the ESL Department as well as the Diego Rivera Mural Lesson Plans website, and I designed the SCANS website for CCSF.

Spring 2003