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What is the Reflective Teaching Project?

              Since 2003, groups of CCSF teachers have been meeting monthly to

discuss the ideas and issues that are central to learning and teaching. Each

meeting is centered around a ‘focus teacher’ who comes before the group with

a specific classroom experience. Through a facilitated and structured process,

the group explores the issues that relate to that experience and then discusses

new ways of addressing those issues. The concept behind the project is that

the collective experience within a group of educators can provide the most

valuable insight into our own individual areas of interest and inquiry. Some

topics that were addressed last year include:


                    * Engaging reluctant students   


                    * Building classroom community

                    * Approaches to multi-level instruction         

                    * Dissatisfaction with student progress

                    * Textbooks and curriculum issues                    

                    * Addressing socially charged issues


Comments from participating teachers:


“It make such eminent sense to put teachers together in a room on a

monthly basis to use their combined wisdom, experience and skills to

help their colleagues work on issues of importance.”


“The carefully laid-out format is conducive to focusing closely on the

topics that are presented and often results in practical suggestions that

I’ve been able to put into immediate practice with my classes.”


“This process goes way beyond the surface to explore what is really

going on in any given situation.”


“The spirit of open inquiry, the sense of cooperative learning, and open-

hearted collegial advice have all contributed to the positive experience

that I’ve had in this group.”


The Reflective Teaching Project is a great opportunity for teachers to meet and

share thoughts on the important questions, quandaries and other ‘vexing issues’

that relate to the learning and teaching process. If you are interested in

participating, contact your campus RTP facilitator.