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The Reflective Teaching Project

Teachers are finding that the insights and answers to their biggest teaching challenges are best found through a process of open inquiry and cooperative learning within the community of their own colleagues.

The Reflective Teaching Project at City College of San Francisco is a faculty-led project that provides a framework for teachers to meet regularly and assist one another on issues of shared concern.

Through structured and facilitated discussions, teachers use their own experiences in the classroom as the content for group inquiry. The goal of the project is to increase a teacher's awareness and effectiveness in the classroom and provide a supportive forum for maintaining on-going

professional engagement.



"I think that the RTP has changed what I do in the classroom for the better. First of all, in a practical sense, it has made me more aware of what my fellow teachers are doing in their classrooms, and it has provided me with new techniques and new approaches to teaching. At the time, participating in the RTP has also been an important source of support and encouragement. Having the opportunity to share genuine concerns about teaching has helped to strengthen my resolve and confront many of these issues with renewed enthusiasm and determination."

"Many things about the reflective teaching group were useful. It helped me reconnect with why I got into teaching in the first place, and recall the teachers who inspired me as a young student. I loved meeting regularly with my colleagues to talk about our teaching, rather than about policies or department issues. We never make time for this and it is a shame. Meeting in this way I felt very inspired by my colleagues's creativity and commitment."