Ocean Avenue Campus Title
Community Wellness Center
Site work has started for the Wellness Center, a state-of-the-art facility at the City College of San Francisco, which will serve as a gateway to the school’s Ocean Avenue campus. A terraced sixty-foot grade connects Ocean Avenue to Cloud Drive and the campus’s main thoroughfare. Located between the student union and the library, the new building creates a much-needed campus facility. Designed to consolidate the requirements of physical education programs with those of the men’s and women’s athletic departments, the new center successfully will relocate into one building many diverse program elements. It will provide a spacious new home for student activities including team athletics, a dance program, physical education, and martial arts. The community and City College students will also enjoy the use of a weight room, fitness center, and aquatics center.

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Square Footage: 156,818 Sq. ft.
Construction Estimate: $49,000,000
Bidding: April 2005
Site Area: 5.54 Acres
Ground Level Coverage: 78,000 Sq. ft.
Total Floor Area: 158,000 GSF
Approximate area breakdown are:
Level 1 – 49,000 GSF
Level 2 – 78,000 GSF
Level 3 – 31,000 GSF
Building Bulk: 3 stories
16 parking spaces along entry drive and 27 spaces to the south of the central shop facility.
Anticipated completion date: August 2007


spacerStudent Health Center Student Health Center Photo
Construction of the new Student Health Center began in June. Located at the strategic corner of Phelan and Judson, the North gateway to the Ocean Avenue campus, this new 22,000 sf modern health care facility will serve City College’s diverse community of students with trained medical staff for services such as general medical needs, psychology counseling, eye examinations, HIV counseling and testing, and alternative health care such as nutrition counseling and weight management. Over 20,000 students a year are projected to use the facility. The program includes patient registration, triage, consultation, treatment rooms, exam rooms and psychology consultation rooms. A health education area has been designated for students to research and review information on a computer or various pamphlets and displays. Support spaces include a multi-use room, nurse practitioner work room, medical records and billing and administration. The second floor of the Student Health Center is designed to include 10 full-size classrooms on an efficient, double-loaded corridor which when completed will allow the College to remove 10 aging portable classrooms. A new bridge connects the new second floor classrooms directly to an adjacent two story classroom building.
spacer Specifications
Design Features
•Treatment and Exam Rooms
•Health Consultation
•Psychological Consultation
•Health Education
•High Profile corner of campus
Construction Estimate: $7,100,000
Site Area: 29,697 Sq. ft.
Ground Level Coverage: 10,500 Sq. ft.
Total Floor Area: 21,000 Sq. ft.
Approximate floor area by function:
Health Center: 10,500 Sq. ft.
Classrooms: 10,500 GSF
Building Bulk: 2 stories
Anticipated completion date: June 2006.
  Child Development Center
Construction of the Child Development Center at the City College of San Francisco Ocean Avenue Campus will commence in September, 2005. The Center will provide high-quality early care and an education program responsive to the diversity of families and their children’s needs. The new building located next to the new Student Health Center on Phelan and Judson will complete the anchor on this corner of the campus. The Center will combine caregiving to toddler and pre-school age children and integrate programs and classes through the Family Studies Department. Toddler and Preschool age groups will have separate wings. The facility will provide an age appropriate learning environment that will encourage developing small and gross motor manipulative skills. Each space will be complete with storage, high ceilings, restrooms, and natural light. The interior spaces will have a close relationship to secured designated outdoor play areas only steps away. Separate observation rooms will allow Family Studies students and teachers to observe activities without disturbing or distracting the children. Spaces such as the classroom, conference room, kitchen, family reading room and resource room will support both the children, parents, staff and the Family Studies program.

Child Development Center Photo
spacer Specifications
Site Area: 32,000 Sq. ft.
Ground Floor Coverage: 11,000 Sq. ft.
Total Floor Area: 11,000 GSF
Approximate floor area by function:
Reception/Staff: 2,940 GSF
Toddlers: 1,800 GSF
Preschool: 3,380 GSF
Academic: 1,460 GSF
Main Circulation/Lobby:
1,420 GSF
Building Bulk: 1 story, off-street parking is provided in the existing Parking Lot F and reservoir west of Phelan Ave
Anticipated completion date: August 2006.
  Science Building
The Science Building renovation included new windows, side entrance doors and fire alarm modernization, which was completed in December of 2004.
Science Building Photo
  Balboa Reservoir
Transportation and Parking
The parking supply at Ocean Avenue campus consists of over 2,000 parking spaces designated for students in the Balboa Reservoir on the west side of Phelan Avenue, with 779 parking spaces designated for staff, faculty and ADA-accessible parking spaces east of Phelan Avenue. Work has been completed.
Balboa Photo