Chinatown Campus
The existing Chinatown/North Beach Campus occupies 10 locations. A new facility bordering the Chinatown, North Beach, and Financial Districts is being designed. Construction will be completed in 2008/2009. The new campus will include dedicated classroom space, expanded offices, student activity areas, (i.e. student lounge, library with a learning resource center and tutorial services, childcare center, bookstore), faculty work areas, and conference rooms. The building will be designed so that the community can make use of the space for workshops or mini-conferences. The building will include an auditorium, multi-purpose space, and an art gallery.

Joint CCSF/sfsu facility
In response to recognized shortages of teachers, child care workers and certified health care professionals including community healthcare workers, drug and alcohol educators, and occupational health care providers, City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University are jointly proposing the establishment of a Health Sciences/Community Health Works, Teacher Training and Child Development/Family Studies facility on CCSF’s Ocean Avenue Campus.
During the past ten years, CCSF and SFSU have created many collaborative programs including the Community Health Worker Program; concurrent enrollment for CCSF and SFSU students, career pathway programs in many occupational areas; and a special transfer programs for targeted students.
The facility will be one of the first of its kind in the State of California. Among the unique programs to be found in this facility will be Community Health Workers program, YES WE CAN Urban Asthma Partnership (a program focused on state-of-the-art asthma care), credential earning programs for State of California Drug and Alcohol Educators program, San Francisco Bay Area Regional Health Occupation Resource Center (RHORC), the International Healthcare Resource Center (to assist foreign born enter into the American health field) and the Health Care Interpreter Program.

Community performing Arts Education Center
Phase 1 Bond funds have been allocated to support the development of the Preliminary Design Specifications; selection and appointment of an architectural and engineering firm; and preparation of design plans which must be submitted to the State for approval.

Technology Infrastructure improvements
With funding from the 2001 Bond, City College has been able to transform its technology infrastructure. College buildings, including remote campuses, are now fully wired with high speed fiber optic cable and electronics which connect the entire College with access to all computerized operations including email and the Internet. Desktops for faculty and staff have been upgraded and a major computer laboratory for students has been modernized along with expanded access ports for students at strategic locations around campus. A new telephone system and distributed video conferencing now operate over the network saving the College thousands of dollars in operating costs. Web access to College applications has enabled the majority of students to enroll and register online, pay bills, and communicate with faculty. In partnership with the City of San Francisco Department of Telecommunications, fiber optic cable is being installed between campus locations which will deliver technology College-wide at less expense. The investment of $16 million in technology is enabling the College to provide better instructional support and more online student services to improve administrative systems with greater efficiency and to realize cost reductions through technology that permit the reallocation of resources for instruction.

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