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The Board of Trustees of City College of San Francisco voted on August 10th to ask the citizens of San Francisco for their approval of a $246.3 million bond issue as Phase II of a renovation-rebuilding for the College. The voters will have an opportunity to approve the Phase II bond on election day, November 8, 2005. This ballot initiative is a follow-up to the $195 million Proposition A Education Facilities Improvement bond passed by 73% voter approval in November 2001; and when taken together reflect a long-standing list of prioritized facility improvement needs that span several decades and are clearly documented in the College's master plan. Buttressing the decision to go out for the Phase II bond was the recently conducted formal poll to assess the level of support that the citizens of San Francisco have for the College. This poll was intended to also assess the level of support for a Phase II Bond Campaign as a follow-up to the 2001 Bond that was strongly supported by the taxpayers of the City. This formal poll of 600 San Francisco voters was conducted by David Binder Research under the direction of the Steering Committee for the Phase II Bond.

• 69% of the people polled have a favorable view of City College of San Francisco up from 64% in the 1999/2000 poll.

• A majority of voters (63%) don't think City College of San Francisco has enough money to educate students appropriately.

• 71% of the voters agreed that it is important to support a bond measure for City College of San Francisco because we must do everything possible to improve the educational environment and insure access for all students.

• 66% of the voters support City College of San Francisco returning to San Francisco voters for approval of a Phase II Bond as a follow-up to the 2001 Bond.

• 69% of the voters support the idea of the bond (and would vote "yes" if an election were held today) after they hear how the money will be spent and what improvements will be made.

• 55% of the voters say a City College bond wouldn't affect their support for other bonds (such as San Francisco General Hospital).

In 2001, the voters of San Francisco approved a bond measure of $195 million. This amount was considerably less than what the College was eligible for ($350M) and the amount required to address its long-standing needs ($750M-$850M). Referred to as the Phase I Bond, the leadership of the City (Mayor's Office, Labor leadership) and the College decided collaboratively to consider the overall needs of the College for local bond monies to support its facilities renovations, remodeling, and new construction requirements in two phases with Phase II Bond being on the ballot again when the College was ready, had experienced progress, and had committed the funds from the Phase I Bond.

As promised, the College has been successful in generating additional State funds ($140M) to help augment the local bonds. The College intends to leverage the bond money for an estimated $75-100M in State funding over the next several years.

The College is only required to have the ballot initiative passed/approved at the level of 55% instead of the usual 66 2/3%.

To date, the College has completed or has underway, the work associated with the following projects funded by the Prop A 2001 Bond.
1) Renovations/Remodeling of the Downtown Campus, including the Library, Counseling and Advising Center, and Culinary Training Laboratory, and Multi-Media Education Laboratory.

2) Construction of the new Student Health Center and Child Care Center on the Ocean Avenue Campus is now underway. Community Health and Wellness Education Center will be underway during the Fall semester.

3) The renovations and seismic upgrading of the Evans Campus has been completed.

4) The first phase of the Technology Infrastructure and Networking Project is nearly completed, including the upgrading of all basic electrical systems across all 10 campuses and the inter-campus connectivity project, currently underway in partnership with the City, is in progress.

5) The new Mission Campus project will be breaking ground in late Summer 2005 with matching funds being provided by the State of California (likewise for the new Chinatown/North Beach Campus).

6) Completed many renovation/remodeling projects for City College campuses throughout the City in order to insure ADA access and improve classroom/lab facilities.

7) Remodeling and Upgrading of Academic Computer Lab at Ocean Avenue Campus that will better meet the 21st Century program requirements, industry specifications and students needs.

8) Completion of major Window Replacement Project for Science Building (Ocean Avenue) to support greater energy conservation and efficiency.

9) Removal of Middle Berm, Upgraded, and Expanded Parking capacity of Balboa Reservoir.

10) Well on our way to fulfilling our promise to eliminate the vintage "1950's Temporary" classroom bungalows from the Ocean Avenue Campus.

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