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The Stories

Told in the first person, the stories in the mural are personal. We hope that you see yourself, your friends or your family in these panels. More than 40 people were interviewed. In talking about their work experience they expressed everything from deep satisfaction, to pleasure, frustration or regret. Some described the details of their work activities, others told what it was like to immigrate and undertake a completely different—maybe very unfamiliar kind of work. One person described returning to work after raising children—another described working hard for a college degree only to end up with a job he’d hoped to leave. An advocate for people with disabilities concluded his interview with this quote: “You have to be willing to fight a little bit. It takes caring enough that you overcome your shyness about making waves.” A Guatemalan immigrant, formerly a labor commissioner, now finds her role restricted to that of a nanny and still says: “El trabajo no denigra.” “Your work does not diminish you.” We were able to include just a fragment from each of the complex and interesting stories that people told about their work lives. We thank everyone who shared their stories with us.