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Labor Art

Labor Arts
Labor Arts is a virtual museum. Images of working people from posters, paintings, banners, buttons, songs and other resources are the focus of this website.The Ben and Beatrice Goldstein Collection,

Library of Congress
This is an online exhibition from the Library of Congress. It presents a collection of images of people at work, with special emphasis on the art of the 1930s.

Labor Art Exhibits, Institute of Industrial Relations, UC Berkeley
This site features a permanent exhibition of poster art and regularly adds new online exhibitions on the subject of labor. Photography exhibitions are a special focus.

David Bacon, Labor Photographer and Journalist
This is the homepage for David Bacon who consulted on Our Work Life and wrote the essay accessible at the Resources link.

Labor and Working Class History Association
This site offers a long list of links to labor art sites.

Labor History

Labor Archives and Research Center at San Francisco State University
Learn more about the collections of the Labor Archives (Our Work Life collaborator) at this site.

California Labor History
This site “enables users to explore, by location, date, or text search, over 1200 key events in the state’s labor history that have affected the lives of working people. Detailed short essays describe the larger historical context surrounding many of these events.”

California Federation of Teachers’ Labor Resource Guide for K-12
You can find lists of books on labor for ages 5-17 on this site. It includes titles of videos and other resources.

Labor History Web Links
An easy to use list of web links on U.S. labor history well organized by subject.

Labor History Events

Labor Fest
Labor Fest is a celebration of labor culture and takes place in San Francisco each year during July. A month-long schedule of events features, films, lectures, exhibitions and other events.

Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival
The longest-running labor festival outside of Washington, DC. It takes place each year in the San Francisco Bay Area on the third weekend in January, in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Transit Art

Art in Transit, Making it Happen
A report written by Wendy Feuer, who established the Metro Transit art program in New York City. The report describes transit art projects across the U.S and is illustrated with thumbnail photographs.

Metro Transit, New York City
New York City was one of the first cities to feature art and poetry on their subway system. You can view many of their projects on this website.

King County, Washington: Poetry on the Buses
Seattle, Washington’s transit system has an active cultural program. On this site you can read about their poetry on the bus project.

Guide to Public Art on the Los Angeles, California Metro System
The L.A. transit system features metro stations designed by artists.


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